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The 814th MP Co and the 813th MP Co. were responsible for providing security for General Douglas MacArthur while at Melbourne and Brisbane.

Freeman " Fin" Miller (now deceased) guarded General Douglas MacArthur and his family in Lennons Hotel in Brisbane during WW2. "Fin" was with the 814th Military Police Company.

"Fin" told his son Jon that he got to know Jean MacArthur and her son Arthur MacArthur quite well.

"Fin" said that MacArthur would leave his shoes overnight in the hall to be polished. Soldiers would slip their shoes off and step into General MacArthur's shoes. Then they could win bar bets...

    "I know what its like to be in MacArthur's shoes."

        "Your full of it, you have no idea."

    "Wanna bet?"

As an M.P. "Fin" Miller also had to visit the brothels, but whether this was to check on the health of the women or solve problems with the troops his son has no idea. He did describe a brothel with three hinged sections to the doorway, like a Dutch door only with three sections. The madam would leave the top and bottom bolted and the customer had to crawl in through the middle section. If  she didn't like the looks of him or he was drunk or belligerent, she could easily push him back out with her foot as he was in a contorted compromised position. 

Freeman Miller went by the name " Fin" Miller and also "Speed" Miller. 

A member of the 814th Military Police was involved in the infamous Battle of Brisbane.

The October 1943 US Army Telephone Directory for Brisbane had the following entry for the 814th:-

    Commanding Officer:
        Capt. Smyth, Jr., W.G.

    Administration & Personnel Officer:
        Lt. Fuld, R.S.

    Supply Officer:
        Lt. Shea, J.F.

    Transportation and Convoy Escort:
        Lt. Shea, J.F.

    Company Headquarters:
        1st Sgt. Ardery, J.F.

    Police Station (Brisbane & Valley Area):
        Desk Sergeant

    Garage (Ann St. & North Quay)

    Officers' Quarters

    Officer of the Day

The MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk, Virginia will open an exhibit in October 2007 about General Douglas MacArthur's Honor Guard Company which was formed toward the end of WWII to protect the General, his family and his aides.



I'd like to thank Jono Miller, for his assistance with this home page. He is "Fin" Miller's son.


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