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Lieutenant Colonel James Archibald Myatt was an Assistant Staff Judge Advocate in the Staff Judge Advocate Section of the US Army Forces in the Far East (USAFFE). Lt. Col Myatt was located in Room 39A of the T & G building on the corner of Queen and Albert Streets, Brisbane. He also spend a great deal of time in the Philippines in the latter part of the war.

Catherine Dorothy O'Toole worked for the US Army as a Secretary from 28 June 1943 until 19 July 1946 when she was discharged. I believe she worked initially for Lieutenant Colonel Myatt. In one of Myatt's letters letters to Catherine O'Toole, he told her on 15 March 1943 that his office phone number was B1261, Ext 439. This extension was Myatt's phone No while he was in the T & G building in Room 39A. You had to ring B1261 if you were on the City Exchange to ring through to the AMP Exchange. This meant Catherine was on the City Exchange.

Myatt lived in "Montpelier", a gentlemen's Boarding House at 183 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, Queensland was used during WW2 as accommodation for American servicemen. 

Colonel James Archibald Myatt passed away in 1956 at High Point, NC.

Daniel Rand Myatt Tracey, son of Cloonel Myatt, was born in October 1944 at 9 Gregory Terrace, Brisbane, a house or Hospital which was located on the corner of Parish Street where a block of units now stand.

Myatt is 2nd from the left. Can anyone identify the other personnel?


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Closeup of the above personnel


Catherine Dorothy O'Toole's pass to GHQ, SWPA in the AMP Building for 1945/46


Can anyone help me with more information on Lt. Col. Myatt?



I'd like to thank Daniel Rand Myatt Tracey, son of Colonel James Archibald Myatt and Catherine Dorothy O'Toole, for his assistance with this home page.

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