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1. Brian Hickey Brian Hickey is my mother's cousin and he is researching Thomas Caplice who had a son Patrick Caplice who married Catherine White in Clogheen in 1809.
2. Gaye Dwyer Researching Bridget Caplis who married Patrick Hassett in about 1821 in Tipperary, Ireland. They lived in the Birdhill area in Tipperary.
3. Chris Caplice Chris's father Mike, has traced his Caplice ancestry back to two brothers who came to the US.
4. Michael Caplice Michael Caplice, Manager of the Powerscourt Gardens, Enniskerry, County Wicklow is interested in the descendants of Michael Caplice (1799-1879) from Toorbeg, Burncourt.
5. James F. Power James F. Power lives in Wellesley in Boston, USA. He is descended from a Catherine Caplice who married a Patrick Slattery in Ballyporeen, County Tipperary, Ireland on 27 Feb 1827.
6. Sheila S. Hollis Sheila's grandfather was Thomas Caplis from Bird Hill in Tipperary. He emigrated from Bird Hill to Philadelphia, USA in about 1916 where he married Isabella McGrellis from Cumberclaudy from around Derry, in Ireland.
7. Kathie (GFSKitti@aol.com) Kathie is chasing Caplices descended from a William Caplice from County Cork
8. James Caplis James Caplis is researching Dennis J. Caplis (b. abt 1892) who came to the USA in 1912 from Ireland, possibly from the Clogheen area in Tipperary.
9. Tom Caplis Tom Caplis is researching the Caplis family from Rear Cross/Kilcommon and Hollyford regions in Tipperary. Two of his uncles emigrated to the US. His father Jack Caplis moved to County Cork, Ireland in 1935.
10. Joyce Taylor Joyce is researching Francis Capell of Portland, Oregon, the son of Thomas Capell who died in 1869 in England.
11. Joan Person Joan Person is researching her great grandmother Mary E. Caplice who married John Fitzsimmons in San Francisco in 1878.
12. Pat Capel Pat Capel from South Africa is researching a Capel family that moved from UK to Australia then to South Africa.
13. Linda Lynch Linda Lynch is researching Roy Allen Capley who was born in Marshall County, Tennessee, on 5 July 1897. He married Irene Fox around 1921.
14. Margaret Demick My surname is Caple and I have traced it back to MD. 1645 a William Cappell.
15. Dennis Schaefer and Betty Klaviter Dennis is descended from Margaret Caplice who married David Mahony, whose daughter Mary Mahony married John Powers in about 1853. It would appear that Dennis is a blood relative of mine!!

Betty is related through marriage. David M. Power's wife, Ellen O'Sullivan, was the sister of Betty's Great Grandfather, Richard O'Sullivan.

16. Ron Baril Ron Baril is descended from Julien Capel b. 1595 at Cesny aux Vignes, Caen, Bayeux, France who married Laurance Lecomte b. circa 1601 in the same area.
17. Candace Candace is researching an Elizabeth Caple born 1801 who married Champion Stewart Madding in USA.
18. Sara Caplis Sara's grandfather was born in Missoula, Montana.
19. Mark Caplis Mark's Grandad, Andrew Caplis, was born in Tipperary in about 1910 and moved from Ireland to England, and settled and married there. He had three children - two boys and a girl.
20. Tom Capell Tom's grandfather was Thomas Capell, born on 10 Oct 1875 in England?, died 5 Feb 1945 in Seattle WA.
21. Michael W. Caplis Michael Caplis, born 22 Oct 1957 is researching his grandfather who was born in Morrow near Limerick,  Ireland, and went to the U.S.A in the 1930's. He then he went to the U.K .
20. John Caplice John Caplice has some information on the surname CAPEL. Apparently three brothers John, Edmund and Richard Capel introduced gun powder into Ireland in 1550.
21. Sue Cappel Adams Sue's relative, Jack Cappel in Alexandria, LA has done a great deal of research on the Cappel family.
22. James Caplice James Caplice, was born in Ballyporeen. His father's name was Thomas Caplice who died on 6 December 1968.
23.  Dick Tierney Dick's great-grandfather, John Tierney married Ann Caplice in Nenagh, County Tipperary in the early 1800s. There were at least five children: Jerimiah, Thomas, James, Mary and Bridget. All of the children emigrated to Canada or the United States.


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