Margaret Caplice
= David Mahony 


The Ballyporeen R.C. Parish Register shows they were from the townland of Glennacunna. Witnesses at their Marriage were Patrick Caplice and James Caplice.

I received the following E-Mail from Dennis Schaefer on 28 August 1997:-


Date: 28 Aug 1997

Subject: Caplices from Ballyporeen

Hi Peter,

I probably should wait to email you until I can go home (I'm at work) to look up some actual dates and names for some of your Caplice relatives ... but heck, I decided to write now. I'm descended from your ancestor's sister Margaret Caplice who m. David Mahony. Their daughter Mary m. John Powers in 1853, and most of their children went to America (St. Louis, Missouri) about 1870. My family always maintained that part of the family had gone to Australia from Ireland. (Possibly, that refers to your family!)

There was a large Powers/Mahony/Caplice/O'Connor set of relatives in St. Louis, and I've always thought it included O'Briens -- a name you mention in your family's history. (The O'Briens were a large clan in Ballyporeen, and John Powers remarried to Margaret O'Brien ca. 1864 after the death of Mary Mahony.) He vanished after the marriaged to Margaret O'Brien, and his children moved to St. Louis alone. We wonder if he went to Australia.

I'll email you everything I have by tomorrow. In the meantime ... your page looks great! Nice job. Can't wait to read more.





Date: 6 September 1997

Subject: Re: re-sending document

Glad to hear it worked... hope its readable. This weekend I'll key either the Ballyporeen church records I collected, or maybe some of the city directory/church record info that shows possible relatives who lived near them. I really think I'm going to discover someday that there were lots more Irish relatives in the pretty big St. Louis clan than I know about at present.

Enjoy the summer weekend ... no wait, a minute, you're in winter, no?





Date: 9 September 1997

Subject: New Document PETER2.TXT

Hey, Peter ... what a depressing weekend. I did compile some stuff though.

Here's a follow-up document that shows the full first generation of St. Louis-born cousins. Sorry about not having it together the way you have your info grouped and computerized. The fact is that I had to do research in so many places that all I did was to write up research notes .... but never actually compiled everything in one readable document.

I'm attaching it again (as a test) as a TXT file. If you can't launch it, again, give a yell and I'll cut and paste. Hopefully the TXT file will give you a cleaner doc than email.

Do you happen to know how Catherine Caplice and her children came to settle in Queensland? When my branch of the family came to St. Louis their life (my opinion) was miserable. They had to work night and day just to get by-- in a killer climate. (Missouri has one of the worst climates I've ever seen -- and I haven't a clue how they wound up there.) My wife's parents immigrated to the US from Germany in the 1930's, and -- maybe they're a clue -- they wound up in Hartford, Connecticut because they happened to have a friend who had gone there.




The St. Louis Branches of Ballyporeen Caplices

Two Caplice sisters in Ballyporeen had children or grandchildren who settled in St. Louis:

A.   Margaret Caplice, who m. David Mahony in 1833.

B.  Johanna Caplice, who m. John O'Conner (Connors) in 1835. Church of the Assumption.
Witnesses: Thomas Hickey and Edmond O'Donnell.

It is not proven that they are sisters, though church records prove that Johanna's son was a close blood relative of Margaret's granddaughter, requiring a consanguinity dispensation in order to marry.

A.   Margaret Caplice m. David Mahony Feb 19, 1833 in Ballyporeen, Tipperary, Church of the Assumption

Their daughter:

Mary Mahony, baptised 24 Dec 1835 in the Church of the Assumption, married John Powers on 8 Feb 1853 in the Church of the Assumption. He m. 2) Margaret O'Brien at the Church of the Assumption in 1868. Wit: Mary Fitzgibbon, Patrick Condon.

Their Children:

1   Margaret (b. ca. 1854) m. Dennis Ryan (Feb 1850-ca. 1905) in St. Louis post-1870. Late census entries list Margaret as arriving in the US in 1872.

a   Mary Ellen (ca. 1878) Godparents: Edmund Powers, Elizabeth Brady.

b   John Francis (1882)

c   William (1886). Godparents: Geraldus and Helen Grace

d   Geoffrey (1887) Baptised at St. Teresa. Godparents: Bridget Powers, John Jolman

e   Thomas Bernard (1890) Baptised at St. Teresa. Godfather: Jeff Powers, Mary Lawgon (Lawler?)

f   David (1890). Baptised St. Teresa same day as Thomas. Godparents: Hugh Beider and Mary Murphy


2   Edmund (b. ca. 1857) m. Ellen or Helen ____ in St. Louis post-1870. Edmund was naturalized a US citizen on Oct. 21, 1884.


3   Ellen (b ca. 1859) m. Edward Powers. (St. Malachy Records, St. Louis)


4   Mary (b. ca. 1856) m. John O'Conner (ca. 1850) on Dec 19, 1875 .(St. Malachy Records). Wit: Edmund Powers, Ellen Powers. This marriage required a consanguinity dispensation from the Archbishop for reason of 3d or 4th degree consanguinity. (A papal edict of 1872 defined the degrees in effect at that time. The archdiocese of St. Louis couldn't explain it since the definition was modified several times afterwards.)

a   John Michael (Oct 24, 1876-) Godparents: John O'Brien, Catherine O'Brien

b   James (ca. 1878)

c   Josie (1880)

There was a funeral at St. Teresa for a Mary O'Connor on Dec 12, 1996.


5   David (1857) md Ellen Sullivan (Ch. Assumption records) Stayed in Ballyporeen and raised a family there.

a   John (1887)

b   Michael (1889)

c   Mary (1891)

d   Ellen (1894-)

e   Honora (1895)

f   Margaret (1898)


6   Jefferson (1861-1901) m. Bridget Ready (Reidy) (ca. 1855-1934) on 4 Sep 1881. (St. Malachy Records) Witnesses: John O' Connor and Helen Powers. Jefferson was naturalized a US citizen January 5, 1889. Witness: William Gallagher.

a   Mary (24 Sep 1882-1974) m. Henry Schaefer (1875-1961). Baptised at St. Malachy's 1882. Godparents: John O'Connor and Annie Connelly.

b   Son (probably John, b. ca. 1883, d. ca. 1886)

c   James Alphonsus (17 Jul 1888- 19 Nov 1913). Baptised at St. Teresa of Avila Aug 5, 1888. Godparents: Edmund Powers and Margaret Ryan

d   Frances (1890-1971) m. Lawrence Mitchell. Baptised at St. Teresa on January 18, 1891. Godparents John Gorman, Annie Condon

e   Ellen (1894-1961) m. James Ryan (1890-1859) . Baptised at St. Teresa on 8 Jul 1894. Godparents Kate Murphy and ???.


7   Michael (1864) (Ch. Assumption Records)


B   Johanna Caplice m. John Connors March 2, 1835 in Ballyporeen, Tipperary, Church of the Assumption

Their son:

John O' Conner (b. ca. 1850) m. Mary Powers (ca. 1856) in the Church of St. Malachy in 1875.

a   John Michael (1876)

b   James (ca. 1878)

c   Josie (1880)

A funeral for a Mary O'Connor was held at St. Teresa's on Dec 12, 1896: connection not known.


Hline.gif (2424 bytes)


Date: 13 November 1997

Subject: Re: David Power


Thank you for your fax ... I can't believe that you found me out of the blue like that! I have to tell our Australian couins the big news -- another line of the Ballyporeen family has been 'found.' The family of David Powers (son of John Powers and Mary Mahony) apparently moved to New York in the early 1900's (I haven't read the details yet).

Dennis Schaefer

Hline.gif (2424 bytes)


Date:  12 November 1997
To: Dennis Schaefer

Subject: David Power

Was just reading your info about Margaret Caplice and David Mahony. David M Power married Ellen (O') Sullivan, the sister of my Great Grandfather. The family settled in New York. I have info on most of their children and the generations that followed! I am visiting the Granddaughter, Eillen McCord, in Long Island, next week and we plan to have dinner with a lot of the Powers' ladies.

I found your Web site on Family Tree Maker on the Internet. I was looking up Patrick Condon for a friend ... look where it got all of us!! Please let me know if you want all the info and what form to send it to you. I have a fax machine 517 351 1716

Betty Klaviter

I gave you my phone number, not the fax which is 517-351-2320. We are going out to dinner tonight and when we return, I will e-mail and Fax the whole family to you....this is so exciting!!



Hline.gif (2424 bytes)


Date:  17 November 1997
To: Peter Dunn

Dear Peter,

I am very impressed with your information. I copied the Ballyporeen Church records. I have gone once to the Morman Family Center here in town and haven't seen anything like what you had. Did you send for the records or what??

I am actually related to you thru marriage. David M. Power's wife, Ellen O'Sullivan, was the sister of my Great Grandfather, Richard O'Sullivan. I would love to have Church Records on that group..there were 8 children in all. I only have my Grandfather's date of birth (or perhaps Baptism)..Feb 3, 1866. The Morman records said that he was born in Rath (although I'm not sure which or where that is), County Cork.

They refered to the Church as 0634. I am going back on Tuesday and see if they have names to go with the numbers. Richard and Ellen's mother was Honore Condon. Her parents were Richard Condon and Catherine Nagle.

I am very interested in research the Negals and have spent the last few months doing so. Nano Nagle was the neice of Catherines Grandfather or Great Grandfather, Richard. I want to know what comes between. I am also working on who Richard Nagle's Grandfather was...His Great Aunt, Ellen Nagle, married Sylvanus Spencer. I have a list of her cousin tells me that the first male of each family is named after the Grandfather on the male side...I do not want to guess at anything!

I will be getting together with all the Power Ladies in Long Iskland, New York this weekend. I will learn a great deal of information from them and will report back to you.. You are the first person I have every gotten E-Mail from down under!!

Until then...Betty Klaviter

PS Please let me know how you want me to send the information on the family to you...and how much you want!!!


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