Hi there,

I am a Caplis from England. I am currently studying at Oxford Brookes University and am 20.

My Grandad came from Ireland to England, and settled and married here. He had three children - two boys and a girl. My father is the only one to have had children - being myself and my brother.

My Aunt has already traced some of our family tree and I plan to carry this on. I am currently trying to get hold of this from her. I would be very interested in anything that you have to say. My e-mail address is

Thanks for your time,

Mark Caplis.




Date: 11 November 1997
From: caplis mark a (
Subject: The Surname Caplis

Hello there Peter,

Thanks for your e-mail. I have found your home page very interesting as have other members of my family. I am currently trying to trace my family tree although the information that I have is very patchy at the moment. My Aunt carried out some research a few years ago. I will not be able to get this information until I return home for the Christmas period, as I am studying at University.

My Grandad was called Andrew Caplis (I have Andrew as my middle name) and was born around the Tipperary area in around 1910. He was one of 15 or 16 children. He came over to England in the late 1930`s or early 1940`s. He married my Grandmother, Matilda Dark in the early 1940`s. As far as I know he was a millright. They had three children; John Caplis, Martin Caplis and Sheila Caplis. My father John was the only one to have children, being myself and my brother Ian. I have never met my Grandad as he left the family in the 1950`s. The last time he was seen was for my Grandma`s funeral in 1979. So I do not know if he is still alive or not.

I belive there to be only around 480 Caplis`s in the world. There are around 320 in the U.S.A., 70 in Britain and around 90 in Ireland. I have names and addresses for all of these.

I will tell you dates of birth, marriage etc., when I speak to my Aunt at Christmas. I can be contacted on e-mail by

Thanks a lot for your time.

Best Regards,

Mark Caplis.


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