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Central War Room


War Cabinet Room


Victoria Barracks in Melbourne became the Headquarters for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) since its formation in 1911.

Australia was divided into a number of naval zones which more or less ignored each other. The zones were:-

Cin C East Indies to the West of West Australia
NOIC Fremantle
NOIC Port Melbourne 
NOIC Hobart
NOIC Sydney 
NOIC Brisbane
NOIC Townsville
NOIC Darwin
NOIC New Guinea

Where NOIC stands for Naval Officer in Charge.


Special Intelligence Bureau


Directorate of Naval Communications


Women's Royal Australian Naval Service (WRANS)


Navy League


Women's Emergency Signalling Corps
1st members of the WRANS came from the WESC



I'd welcome any information or photos regarding
any of these little known RAN Shore Establishments

Allied Naval Forces, South-West Pacific Area Belconnen Naval Wireless Station (Transmitter) Bonshaw Naval Wireless Station
Boom Defence Darwin Boom Defence Brisbane - RAN Station 8
(near Lytton or Pinkenba?)
(Worked in association
with RAN 9)
Boom Defence Depot Pinkenba, Brisbane
Boom Defence Sydney Colmslie Fairmile Base, Colmslie, Brisbane HMAS Assault, Port Stephens
HMAS Cerberus, Flinders HMAS Huon, Hobart HMAS Harman, Canberra
HMAS Kuttabul, Garden Island, Sydney HMAS Leeuwin, Fremantle HMAS Lonsdale, Melbourne
HMAS Magnetic
Townsville, QLD
HMAS Maitland
Naval Depot, Newcastle
HMAS Melville, Darwin
previously HMAS Penguin IV
HMAS Moreton, Naval Depot, Brisbane
(originally named Brisbane)
HMAS Penguin IV Darwin
Renamed HMAS Melville
 HMAS Penguin, Balmoral, Sydney
    HMAS Torrens - Naval Depot and Headquarters at Port Adelaide, SA
HMAS Rushcutter Naval Depot, Edgecliff, Rushcutter's Bay, NSW HMAS Watson
South Head, Sydney, NSW
HMAS Coonawarra, W/T and D/F Station
Intercept Station - HMAS Harman (Canberra)
Harman Naval Wireless Station (Receiving) Built 1938-39
Intercept Station - HMAS Ringwood (Melbourne?) Molonglo Naval Wireless Station
Port War Signal Station, Nelson Head, Port Stephens? RAN Naval Stores Depots
Ward Motors Premises, Wickham Street, Valley
RAN Station 1
Port War Signal Station, Caloundra, QLD
RAN Station 2
Controlled Mining Station Bribie Island, QLD
RAN Station 3
Controlled Mining Station, Cowan, QLD
RAN Station 4
Indicator Loop & Harbour Defence Asdic Station, Bribie Island, QLD
RAN Station 5
Combined Training Centre (Naval Wing), Toorbul, QLD
RAN Station 6
Fairmile Advanced Operating Base, Bribie Island, QLD
RAN Station 7
Comboyuro Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island, QLD
RAN Station 8
Boom Defence Facility near Lytton, Brisbane, QLD
RAN Station 9
Indicator Loop Station Pinkenba (at Myrtletown), Brisbane, QLD
RAN Station 10 Controlled Mining Base near Pinkenba, QLD
RAN Station 21
Port War Signal Station, Magnetic Island, QLD
RAN Station 22
Port War Signal Station Townsville, QLD
RAN Station 24
Harbour Signal Station, Townsville, QLD
RAN Station 42
War Signal Station, Fitzroy Island, QLD
RAN Station 44 Controlled Mining Station Cairns, QLD RAN Station 45
Boom Defence Depot Cairns, QLD
RAN Station 47
NAP Base Cairns, QLD
RAN Station 50
Port War Signal Station Cairns, QLD
RAN Station 101
Port War Signal Station Port Darwin, NT
RAN Station 102
Extended Defence Officer, Port Darwin, NT
RAN Station 141
Port War Signal Station Rottnest Island, WA
RAN Station 142 Indicator Loop Control Station, Swanbourne, WA
RAN Station 143
Port Radar Base, Fremantle, WA
RAN Station 144
D/F Station, Jandakot, WA
RAN Station 145
initially Mine Depot, then RAN Armament Depot, Byford, WA
RAN Station 161
Boom Defence Section, Albany, WA
RAN Station 181
Port War Signal Station, Outer Harbour, Adelaide, SA
RAN Station 182
War Signal Station, Neptune Island, SA
RAN Station 221
Port War Signal Station, South Arm, Hobart, TAS
RAN Station 222
Tasmanian Coast Watching Organisation
RAN Station 223
Coast Watching Organisation, Bruny Island, Tas
RAN Station 241
Extended Defence Officer, Queenscliff, VIC
RAN Station 242
Port War Signal Station, Point Lonsdale, VIC
RAN Station 243
Examination Service Organisation, Queenscliff, VIC
RAN Station 244
Harbour Patrol Boat Base, Queenscliff, VIC
RAN Station 245
Indicator Loop Control Hut, Port Franklin, VIC
RAN Station 261
NOIC Port Kembla, NSW
RAN Station 262
Examination Service Organisation, Port Kembla, NSW
RAN Station 263
Boom Defence Organisation, Port Kembla, NSW
RAN Station 264
NAP Organisation, Port Kembla, NSW
RAN Station 281
Port War Signal Station & RDF School, South Head, Sydney, NSW
RAN Station 282
Controlled Mining Section, Botany Bay, NSW
RAN Station 283
Controlled Minefield & Indicator Loop Facility, Juno Head, Hawkesbury River, NSW
RAN Station 284
RDF School, South Head, Sydney, NSW
RAN Station 285
Indicator Loop & Controlled Mining Station, Hungry Beach, Hawkesbury River, NSW
RAN Station 301
Port War Signal Station,
Newcastle, NSW
RAN Station 302
Indicator Loop & Controlled Mining Station, Newcastle, NSW
RAN Station 307
Naval Recognition Personnel and Tubes Crew, Fort Tomaree, Nelson Bay, NSW
RAN Wireless Station
Stanton Hill, Townsville, QLD
Royal Edward Victualling Yard Store, Pyrmont, Sydney    



HMAS Adele HMAS Bermagui HMAS Diamantina
HMAS Doomba HMAS Forceful HMAS Geelong

HMAS Gladstone

HMAS Goulburn

HMAS Gunbar
HMAS Kangaroo HMAS Kara Kara HMAS Kurumba
Fleet Tanker

HMAS Kybra

HMAS Lithgow HMAS Mavie
HMAS Narani HMAS Nizam HMAS Orara 
HMAS Paluma HMAS Patricia Cam HMAS Swan
HMAS Sydney

HMAS Tambar

HMAS Warrnambool 
HMAS Vendetta    

 more to come!!


Air-Sea Rescue Boats (63 Foot)

915 Air Bird 918 Air Chief (Y252) 922 Air Clan
924 Air Cloud 902 Air Faith (Y258) 912 Air Foam
913 Air Guide (Y260) 908 Air Hope 913 Air Host
919 Air Master 925 Air Mercy 917 Air Mist
Air Nymph (Y257) 921 Air Rest 926 Air Sailor
920 Air Save 914 Air Sense 910 Air Speed
911 Air Spray (Y259) 916 Air Trail 923 Air View
927 Air Watch 912 Air Wave  


Navy Oil Tanks
Edge Hill, Cairns


Naval Auxiliary Patrol


Coast Watch Organisation


Defence of Bathurst and Melville Island
35 Tiwi from Melville Island were armed and equipped
by the RAN  to defend the islands during WW2



Bleakley, Jack, "The Eavesdroppers - The best kept secret of World War 2"

Gillett, Ross, "Australian & New Zealand Warships 1914 - 1945"

Straczek, J.H., "Royal Australian Navy, A - Z , Ships, Aircraft and Shore Establishments", Navy Public Affairs, Sydney, 1996



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