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HMAS Moreton was located at the corner of Merthyr Road and Gray Street, in New Farm in Brisbane. It was actually in commission until 1994 when they moved the base to Bulimba. The nearby Capricorn Wharf was actually named "HMAS Moreton North" at one point but then changed to Capricorn Wharf to avoid confusion.

HMAS Moreton had its own wharves, warehouse buildings and assembly areas. HMAS Moreton was demolished in late 1995.

The site of the former HMAS Moreton is now occupied by the 4 - 6 storey Freshwater Apartments comprising 89 units. There is apparently an interpretive heritage display at Freshwater Apartments.


George Griffith "Griff" Bingham and a
friend outside HMAS Moreton in Brisbane


"Griff" Bingham was at HMAS Moreton in Brisbane when he signed up in the Royal Australian Navy during WW2. He then served on the corvette HMAS Ipswich.



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