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The 12th Air Depot Group arrived in Townsville on 14 April 1943, and joined up with the 4th Air Depot Group at Depot #2 Townsville which was located at the base of Mount Louisa. The 15th Air Depot Group (15ADG) joined them as well at Mount Louisa on 18 June 1943. These three Air Depot Groups along with some other separate detachments and Service Squadrons formed the 5th Air Service Command.

The 12th Air Depot Group comprised:-

- HQ
- HQ Squadron 12th ADG
- 317th Depot Repair Squadron
- 12th Depot Supply Squadron
- 1699th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Co. Aviation
- 2483 Q.M. Truck Co. Aviation


E-mails from James P. Roberts
of the 12th Air Depot Group


E-Mails from Louis Calvin McClure
of the 317th Depot Repair Squadron of the 12th Air Depot Group


Mount Louisa - Then and Now
A series of photos taken in 1959 and 1992
You can compare the differences
and see the remains of the 5th Air Service Command camp accomodation


Helton Hall
Located at the base of Mt. Louisa
Many famous movie and singing stars appeared there


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