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NOTE:- It is with regret that I advise that James P. Roberts
and his wife Polly both passed away in 2002


Subject:   12th Member
Date:       Sun, 24 Dec 2000 15:44:39 EST
From:      James P. Roberts

I served in the 12th Air Depot Group. Write me.

James P. Roberts



Subject:    12th Air Depot Group
Date:             Thu, 11 Jan 2001 16:07:17 EST
From:            James P. Roberts

Dear Mr. Dunn,

I can't tell you much about Helton Hall, I just have a faint memory of where it was at. I remember Joe E. Brown and Jack Benny being there. Your web page sure brings some memories. I was on a C-47 that crashed on landing because the tail wheel was left unlocked. That was at Finch Haven.

They salvaged a brand new air plain. That was sometime early 1945 I think. The only one that got hurt was the control operator, who jumped out of the tower and broke his leg. The plane I was assigned to had a little plaque in the door that read: From a war bond drive in Detroit, Mich. I never thought much about it then but sure wish I could remember what it said and could see it now. The first two numbers of my plane we 42 and the last three was 439, that's all I can remember of them. I think the plane was left in the Philippines.

I have received letters from Louis Calvin McClure, he was in the 317th. Repair Squadron that was attached to the 12th. Air Depot Group. He might shed more light on Townsville than I can. His address is:  calmcc@arkanas.net Maybe this will help.

Jim Roberts



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