HNMS Abraham Crijnssen HNMS Blanckert HNMS Columbia
HNMS De uyter HNMS Jacob van Heemskerck
Task Force 71 in April 1943
HNMS Kortenaer
HNMS Meraboe HNMS Piet Hein HNMS Rindjani
HNMS Smeroe HNMS Submarine KVIII HNMS Submarine KIX
HNMS Submarine KXI
Sold as scrap in Swan River Fremantle in Sep 1945,
scuttled Sep 1952 in Rottnest Graveyard
Deck Gun at Perth Yacht Club
HNMS Submarine KXII
Scuttled Sep 1946 in Rottnest Graveyard
HNMS Submarine K XIV
Task Force 71
HNMS Submarine K XV
Task Force 71
HNMS Submarine O-19
grounded on Ladd Reef and rescued by USS Cod on 9/10 July 1945
HNMS Submarine O-21
Task Force 71
 HNMS Submarine O-23 HNMS Submarine O-24
Task Force 71
HNMS Tjerk Hiddes de Vries
1800 ton destroyer
Involved in evacuation of 2/2 and 2/4 Independent Companies
HNMS Tromp
Task Force 71 in April 1943
HNMS van Galen
Task Force 71 in April 1943
HNMS van Ghent
HNMS Submarine Tigjerhaal HNMS Zwaardvisch
T Class Submarine
operated out of Fremantle
Mintak Tanah
Naval Store Ship
Left Cairns 29 Apr 43 expected Brisbane 5 May 43
Tan 2
Naval Tanker
Tan 3
Naval Tanker
Tan 4
Naval Tanker
former merchant tanker, "Pendopo"
 Tan 8
Naval Tanker
former merchant tanker Petronella
Wireless Intercept Station, Batchelor, RNN Royal Netherlands Navy Vessels in Task Force 71


Dutch ship M. S. Tjinegara
arrived Adelaide on 4 March 1942
from Sourabaya with 307 evacuees
including 117 Air and Naval Air Force personnel
(see NAA File)


Rear Admiral F. W. Coster
replaced by P. Koenraad on 1 May 1943
Senior Naval Officer Royal Netherlands Navy in Australia
441 St. Kilda Rd


Commander B. J. Knollema
Inspector of Navigation in Sydney
as of 1 October 1942


Mr. S. L. Vellenga
Assistant Inspector of Navigation Sydney
as of 1 October 1942


Netherlands East Indies Forces and support organisations



"The Fourth Ally - Dutch Forces in Australia in WWII" by Doug Hurst


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