The following entry is from the War Diary for Task Force Seventy One TF-71 for August 1945. Rear Admiral James Fife U.S.N. Commander Submarines Seventh Fleet was the Commander Task Force SEVENTY-ONE and was located on his Flagship USS BECUNA (SS319).


COMINCH Sercet Serial 00107 of 12 January, 1944, and despatch change thereto, directs that 30 Fleet Submarines with associated tenders and rescue vessels be the quota for SEVENTH FLEET, and are to be organized under COMSUBS SEVENTH FLEET, all under Operations Control of Commander SEVENTH FLEET. Assignment of Submarines to Task Forces and employment to be as directed by Commander SEVENTH FLEET with concurrence of CinC SOWESPAC, having due regard for any contiguous operations and directives.

The Commander in Chief Pacific Fleet, Advanced Headquarters directed Commander Submarines Pacific Fleet by despatch 301522 of July, 1945, to reduce submarine strength in the Seventh Fleet to two (2) squadrons totalling twenty-four (24) submarines and to return excess submarines to the Pacific Ocean area.

B.A.D. Washington Secret Ltr. No. 25-44 of 31 January, 1944, to COMINCH stated it was desired to base a Submarine Flotilla in Western or Northwestern AUSTRALIA beginning the second half of 1944. In reply, COMINCH Secret Ltr. Serial 00392 of 7 February, 1944, stated in part that it was essential that all submarines operating within the Southwest Pacific be placed under the Operational Control of CinCSWP.

CinCSWP Secret Ltr. AG 019.711 (16 Sep. '44)C, dated 16 September, 1944, to Commander Allied Naval Forces, states in part that the British Admiralty with concurrence of Admiral HELFRICH has agreed to assign the four Dutch Submarines, O-19, O-21, O-23 and O-24 with the addition of HNMS ZWAARDVISCH to the Operational Control of CinC SWP. These Submarines assigned to Operational Control Commander Allied Naval Forces upon arrival in this area, and are to be employed on Special Missions to maintain Communications with NETHERLANDS EAST INDIES. CinCSWP Ltr. AG 019.711 (16 Sept. '44)C, dated 21 September, 1944, to Commander Allied Naval Forces, state sin part that the additional Royal Netherlands Submarines to be assigned by HMS MAIDSTONE. The K-14 and K-15 are to remain at the disposal of CinC SWP for maintenance of NETHERLANDS EAST INDIES Communications only.

Commander Allied Naval Forces, Southwest Pacific Operations Plan No. 8-45, assigns the following tasks to submarines of Task Force Seventy-One: (1) Maintain offensive patrols against enemy naval and merchant shipping. (2) Conduct operations to interdict and report enemy surface forces threatening the success of our operations. (3) Conduct mining and reconnaissance missions as directed. (4) Be prepared to station lifeguard submarines in accordance with such instructions as may be issued from time to time.



War Diary for TF-71 for August 1945


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