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On 1 April 1943 Task Force Seventy One (Task Force 71) comprised:-


HMAS Adelaide
HNMS Heemskerck
HNMS Tromp
HNMS Van Galen
HNMS Tjerk Hiddes
(AM21) USS Lark
(AM35) USS Whippoorwill
(PY10) Isabel
(AS20) USS Otus - Tender

Submarine Squadron Six

(AS 14) USS Pelias - Tender
(ASR7) USS Chanticleer - Submarine Rescue Vessel

Submarine Division Sixty-one Submarine Division Sixty-two
(SS198) USS Tambor (SS201) USS Triton
(SS199) USS Tautog (SS202) USS Trout
(SS200) USS Thresher (SS203) USS Tuna
(SS206) USS Gar (SS209) USS Grayling
(SS207) USS Grampus (SS210) USS Grenadier
(SS208) USS Grayback (SS211) USS Gudgeon


Fleet Air Wing Ten

(AVP2) USS Heron VP 101
(AVD1) USS Childs Headquarters Squadron       
(AVD7) USS Wm. B. Preston VSO 63

Rear Admiral R.W. Christie was Commander Task Force Seventy One in April 1943.


On 1 August 1945 Task Force Seventy One (Task Force 71) under Rear Admiral James Fife U.S.N., Commander Submarines Seventh Fleet comprised:-


USS Becuna (SS319, Flagship for Read Admiral James Fife

Submarine Squadron 22

USS Howard W. Gilmore (AS16) Subic Bay

Submarine Division 221
USS Cobia (SS245) (F) - enroute Subic Bay
USS Croaker (SS246) - south Hong Kong

Submarine Division 222
USS Blueback (SS326) - Subic Bay
USS Capitaine (SS336) - Fremantle
USS Carbonero (SS337) - Subic Bay

Submarine Squadron 26

USS Anthedon (AS24) - Subic Bay

Submarine Division 261
USS Hardhead (SS365) (F) - north Surabaya
USS Hawkbill (SS366) - southwest Hainan
USS Baya (SS318) - Subic Bay
USS Becuna (SS319) (FF) - Subic Bay
USS Hammerhead (SS364) - South China Sea

Submarine Division 262
USS Besugo (SS321) - Fremantle
USS Caiman (SS323) - Flores Sea
USS Blenny (33324) - Siam Gulf
USS Blower (SS325) - Fremantle

Submarine Squadron 30

USS Clytie (AS26) - Fremantle

Submarine Division 301
USS Boarfish (SS327) - Siam Gulf
USS Charr (SS328) - Fremantle
USS Chub - (SS329) - north Surabaya
USS Kraken (SS370) - off West Australia
USS Lamprey (SS372) - Siam Gulf

Submarine Division 302
USS Brill (SS330) - Java Sea
USS Bugara (SS331) - Siam Gulf
USS Bullhead (SS332) off West Australia
USS Bumper (SS333) - off Singapore
USS Lizardfish (SS373) - Siam Gulf
USS Loggerhead (SS374) - Fremantle

Submarine Division 161
USS Puffer (SS268) - south Hong Kong
USS Rasher (SS269) - southeast Formosa
USS Cabrilla (SS288) - off West Australia
USS Icefish (SS367) - off West Australia

Submarine Division 162
USS Bluefish (SS222) - Fremantle
USS Cod (SS224) - Siam Gulf
USS Raton (SS270) - Subic Bay
USS Ray (SS271) South China Sea

Submarine Division 423
USS Tuna (SS203) - Subic Bay

Eighth Submarine Flotilla - Royal Navy

HMS Maidstone (Tender) - Subic Bay

HMS Solent - South China Sea
HMS Stygian - off Singapore
HMS Sleuth - South China Sea
HMS Spark - off Singapore
HMS Selene - south Hong Kog
HMS Supreme - Subic Bay
HMS Seascout - Subic Bay
HMS Sidon - South China Sea
HMS Spearhead - off Saigon
HMS Seanymph - Subic Bay

Fourth Submarine Flotilla - Royal Navy

HMS Adamant (Tender) - Fremantle

HMS Taurus - Fremantle
HMS Totem - Fremantle
HMS Tiptoe - Sunda Strait
HMS Trump - Sunda Strait
HMS Turpin - Fremantle
HMS Thorough - Madura Strait
HMS Trennchant - Fremantle
HMS Thule - Fremantle
HMS Taciturn - Madura Strait
HMS Stubborn - north Surabaya
HMS Tudor - Java Sea

Fourteenth Submarine Flotilla - Royal Navy

HMS Bonaventure (Tender) - Brunei Bay, Borneo

XE Craft assigned

Royal Netherlands Navy Submarines

HNMS K-14 - Fremantle
HNMS K-15 - off West Australia
HNMS O-21 - south Batavia
HNMS O-24 - Fremantle

Surface Ships attached to T.F. 71

USS Coucal (ASR8) - Brunei Bay, BOrneo
USS Chanticleer (ASR7) - off Masbate Island, P.I.
USCG Hutchinson - Fremantle
USCG Corpus Christi - Fremantle
USS ARD-10 - Fremantle
USS Isabel - Fremantle
USS SC-739 - Fremantle

Utility Training Unit, Aircraft Seventh Fleet (Guildford Airport - Pert, Western Australia)

1 R4D

Submarine Repair Unit, Navy 137

Submarine Torpedo Unit, Navy 137

Submarine Repair Unit, Navy 3002


The War Diary for Task Force 71 dated 1 August 1945, showed that the following special operations were underway at that time:-

HMS Stygian had towed XE Craft No. 3 and HMS Spark had towed XE Craft No. 1 to a position near Horsburgh Reef and cast them loose for an attack on two damaged Japanese cruisers in Singapore Harbour.

HMS Spearhead had towed XE Craft No. 4 to a position off Saigon, and cast it loose for cable cutting operations.

HMS Selene had towed XE Craft No. 5 to a position off Hong Kong, and cast it loose for cable cutting operations.

HMS Caiman was conducting a special mission off the southeast tip of the Celebes for the Allied Intelligence Bureau.

HMS Cobia and HMS Sidon were conducting a search for downed aviators off Cape Kamao.


Royal Netherlands Navy Vessels in Task Force 71



War Diary, Commander Seventh Fleet from 1 April 1943 to 30 April 1943


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