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Colmslie area in 2003. The A. Raptis Fish Wharf and Fish Market is located
at the bottom centre of the photograph with the Mobil Wharf located to
the right of it in front of the WW2 Igloo type building. (UBD Map 161 Ref. F2)


Colmslie Beach and Colmslie Reserve is located just to the right of the above photograph. A little further to the right past Colmslie Beach is a Slipway. Just past this slipway there is the Cairncross Wharf and the Cairncross Graving Dock.


The Mobil Wharf at Colmslie. What Military Unit used this wharf and Igloo building?


There were the following Military Units located in the Colmslie area in Brisbane during WW2. I would like to know where each of them was located. Can you please help me?


Abattoirs Bofors Anti-aircraft gun site, Colmslie 
(now in suburb of Queensport)
Colmslie US Naval  Transmitting Station
(located near the Colmslie Seaplane Base, US Navy)
Colmslie Fairmile Base (Slipway and Jetty)
Colmslie Watercraft Workshop Park Colmslie AAOC Small Craft Park
(1 Australia (Colmslie) Ord Small Craft Park?)
Colmslie Base Smallcraft AEME Workshop
Colmslie PAA Seaplane Base, US Navy
(also known as Naval Air Station Brisbane, or N.A.T.S. Seaplane Base, or US Navy Air Transport Section Camp, Colmslie or Colmslie Seaplane Workshop or US Naval Base Colmslie) (there was also a U.S. Naval Transmitting Station in the same area)
Colmslie RAN General Service Depot Colmslie Army Workshop and Jetty
Colmslie, Brisbane
Colmslie Anti-aircraft Gun site
(Colmslie Beach area, Brisbane)
Colmslie Mobile Anti-aircraft Gun Site
southern side of Lytton Road
Colmslie RAN Navy Fuel Tanks
Colmslie Acetylene Works
operated by Australian Army


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