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 The three RAN Naval Fuel tanks are highlighted in the above photograph. The A. Raptis Fish
Wharf and Fish Market is located at the bottom centre of the photograph with the Mobil Wharf
located to the right of it in front of the WW2 Igloo type building. (UBD Map 161 Ref. F2)


Three RAN concrete above ground fuel tanks were built by the Civil Construction Corps (CCC) near Colmslie Road at Colmslie in Brisbane during WW2. They were used to refuel allied shipping at the nearby wharf (see above photo) which was part of the Fairmile bae. Submarines would also refuel at this wharf. The small brick pump house can be seen to the left of the fuel tanks adjacent to the road.

The Australian Army operated an Acetylene Works which was located in the low lying area of land just to the left of the Naval Fuel Tanks on the other side of Colmslie Road in the above photograph. 

There were other underground RAN Naval Fuel tanks at Murrarie on a hill in the vicinity of today's Queensland Newspapers building adjacent to the corner of Lytton Road and Creek Road at Murrarie. 

The Colmslie Heavy Ant-aircraft Gun site was located possibly somewhere to the right of the larger cluster of fuel tanks in teh above photograph.



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