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The historic house "Cintra" in 55 Boyd Street, Bowen Hills, Brisbane, was commandeered by the military during WW2. The Army Pictorial Service, US Army, established a photographic laboratory in "Cintra" during WW2. 


US Army Signal Corps Photo:- via Ovid Di Fiore

The Photographic Laboratory at "Cintra" on the left. Note the military
vehicles parked outside. "Cintra House" can be seen on the right.


"Cintra" in March 2005


US Army Signal Corps Photo:- via Ovid Di Fiore

Left to right:- Luna Park, Photographic Laboratory in "Cintra",
"Cintra House", Our Lady of Victories Roman Catholic Church in Roche Street


A Photographic Detachment of the 832nd Signal Service Company, Signal Section, USASOS was attached to this photo lab. The men of the 832nd Signal Service Company had their barracks at the nearby historic Newstead House at Breakfast Creek. The 832nd Signal Service Battalion, was responsible for the Brisbane Radiophone Station located at Cintra. Radiophone equipment allowed the transmittal of a photograph to a remote location by a radio link in about 7 minutes.

General Douglas MacArthur and his wife Jean and son Arthur MacArthur were regular visitors to "Cintra" during WW2. There were all keen movie fans.

The October 1943 edition of the Brisbane Military Telephone Directory shows:-

Army Pictorial Service - Photographic Section:

Lt. Col. Presnell, R.R. (7th floor T & G building in City)
Capt. Downs, C.W. (7th floor T & G building in City)
Laboratory "Cintra", Bowen Hills

US Army Signal Corps Photo:- via Ovid Di Fiore

The white building at the left is part of Cloudland, Luna Park. Boyd
Street was the rear entrance to Luna Park. Mayne railway
yards can be seen in the background of the photograph.

On 30 January 2005, I received an e-mail from Ovid Di Fiore, who was a member of the photographic detachment of the 832nd Signal Service Company who lived in Newstead House and worked in the Photographic Laboratory in "Cintra" at Boyd Street, Bowen Hills. Ovid sent me a number of US Army Signal Corps photographs that he has in his possession showing Newstead House and "Cintra" during WW2.

These are truly historical photographs that probably have never been seen before in Australia. These photographs were featured in a number of events at Newstead House in August 2005 associated with the VP60 Celebrations.

Ovid lived in Newstead House from late Feb 1944 to late June 1944. While he was there he was totally unaware of the existence of the Breakfast Creek Hotel just over the bridge. The 832nd Signal Service Company had originally arrived at Newstead House on 15 August 1942.

Ovid Di Fiore

The following US Army Signal Corps photograph were provided by Ovid Di Fiore

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I'd like to thank Ovid Di Fiore, a member of the Photographic Detachment of the 832nd Signal Service Company who worked in the Photo Laboratory at "Cintra", for his assistance with this web page.


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