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The Army Pictorial Service (APS) administered all photographic matters for the US Army Signal Corps during WW2. This unit was responsible for all US Army photography. The Signal Corps Photographic Center (SCPC) in Astoria, New York, and the Signal Corps Photographic Laboratory in Washington, DC were the main offices in the USA for the Army Pictorial Service. Combat photographers were trained at the Signal Corps Photographic Center in the Photographic School. Photographic research and development was carried out at its Pictorial Engineering and Research Laboratory. As well as photographers, they also trained camera repairers, photo lab technicians, librarians and editors.

The Army Pictorial Service - Photographic Section in Brisbane had their main office on the 7th Floor of the T & G building on the corner of Queen Street and Albert Street. Their Photographic Laboratory was located in the historic house "Cintra" in Boyd Street, Bowen Hills adjacent to Luna Park (Cloudland).

Photo:- Don Moreland of the 832nd

Photo taken in Albert Street from in front of the Brisbane City Hall looking towards the original
T & G building (behind the statue). Note the Tivoli theatre and the Air Raid Shelter sign. 

The Photographic Laboratory in "Cintra" was manned by a Photographic Detachment of the 832nd Signal Service Company, Signal Section, USASOS who had their barracks at historic Newstead House at Breakfast Creek.

The October 1943 edition of the Brisbane Military Telephone Directory shows:-

Army Pictorial Service - Photographic Section:

Lt. Col. Presnell, R.R. (7th floor T & G building in City)
Capt. Downs, C.W. (7th floor T & G building in City)
Laboratory "Cintra", Bowen Hills

The May 1944 edition of the Brisbane Military Telephone Directory shows:-

Photographic Branch:
(Army Pictorial Service):

Lt. Col. Mixson, H.W.
Capt. Downs, C.W.
Lt. Goodman, K.C.
Laboratory "Cintra House", Bowen Hills



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