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"Nyrambla" 21 Henry Street in its early days
Note the verandahs are not enclosed
Photo taken from Yabba Street side


"Nyrambla" 21 Henry Street, Ascot
Photo taken from Henry Street side


A large two story house located at 21 Henry Street, Ascot in Brisbane was probably acquired by Hirings Section, No. 1 Lines of Communication (No. 1 L of C), Australian Army

The house at 21 Henry Street was used by:-

- Central Bureau   (Gen. MacArthur's own signals intelligence unit)

- No. 1 Wireless Unit trained by AIB

- No. 11 Australian Cypher Section, Royal Australian Corps of Signals

- 837th Signals Service Detachment 

Central Bureau had banks of IBM Tabulators, the forerunner of computers, which were used by the cryptanalysts to sort and strip away ciphers which concealed the original text. They were located in the garage at the rear of 21 Henry Street. The IBM machines were later moved from the garage to the Fire Station at Ascot Park. The garage was then occupied by No. 11 Australian Cypher Section. The garage was filled with Typex machines which were operated by some Australian Women's Army Service (AWAS) personnel. 


Central Bureau re-union at 21 Henry Street on 1 May 1988 
Organised by Central Bureau Intelligence Corps Association


21henryst43.jpg (76991 bytes) "Nyrambla" 21 Henry Street in its early days
21henryst17.jpg (86639 bytes) "Nyrambla" 21 Henry Street, Ascot

The large house at 21 Henry Street, Ascot, Brisbane

21henryst45.jpg (101905 bytes) The wrought iron work on what is now the front of the house facing Henry Street
21henryst08.jpg (59353 bytes) Rear view of 21 Henry Street, Ascot
21henryst15.jpg (43373 bytes) The front entrance of 21 Henry Street. The front door  is actually located in the side yard off the driveway. The house was originally on a large 15 acre property which fronted on to Yabba Street. 
21henryst16.jpg (32869 bytes) The front entrance of 21 Henry Street.
21henryst10.jpg (37999 bytes) The front door of 21 Henry Street taken from inside the house
21henryst11.jpg (42010 bytes) Looking into the entrance after passing through the front door
21henryst13.jpg (33241 bytes) One of the two signs  in the entrance area of 21 Henry Street. The sign covers Central Bureau's presence in "Nyrambla"
21henryst14.jpg (50429 bytes) The other sign covering the presence of No. 11 Australian Cypher Section, Royal Australian Corps of Signals
21henryst09.jpg (70969 bytes) The famous garage at 21 Henry Street
21henryst02.jpg (62882 bytes) The garage at 21 Henry Street
21henryst03.jpg (62285 bytes) Insulators and point of attachments for cables on the roof of the garage 
21henryst04.jpg (227467 bytes) Inside the garage
21henryst05.jpg (80942 bytes) The Brisbane River side of the garage
21henryst06.jpg (72331 bytes) The other side of the garage
21henryst07.jpg (65224 bytes) Another view of the garage
21henryst12.jpg (85183 bytes) There was apparently a semi underground bomb shelter in the back yard. The lower half of this building is now used as a support wall for the area around the swimming pool


Central Bureau moved to a new location at 45 Eldernall Avenue, Hamilton on an unknown date.


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