William Dunn was born about 1802 at Little Bray, in the Parish of Charles in North Devon.


The IGI's for Devon, show a William Dunn baptised on 30 January 1803 at Charles which is very close to Little Bray.

The parents are shown as William and Susannah Dunn.

St. John the Baptist Parish Church
at Charles, North Devon


The Devon Family History Society Marriage Index shows that William Dunn of Filleigh, bachelor and Jane Huxtable, of this Parish, married at West Buckland on 26 December 1829.

1841 Census for Parish of Chittlehampton HO/107/234
NOTE: Willam and Jane Dunn's eldest son Joseph Dunn does not appear below:-

William DUNN 35 yrs Agricultural Labourer Cottage at Leary
Jane DUNN 35 yrs Cottage at Leary
William DUNN 9 yrs Cottage at Leary
George DUNN 6 yrs Cottage at Leary
John DUNN 4 yrs Cottage at Leary
Mary DUNN 2 yrs Cottage at Leary
Henry DUNN 1 month Cottage at Leary


Henry DUNN * 30 yrs Farmer Huxtable's Leary
Ann DUNN 30 yrs Wife Huxtable's Leary
George DUNN 10 yrs Huxtable's Leary
Elizabeth DUNN 8 yrs Huxtable's Leary
Maria DUNN 5 yrs Huxtable's Leary
Mary DUNN 1 yr Huxtable's Leary

* Perhaps Henry is William's brother.

John HUXTABLE 70 yrs Yeoman Leary Cottage
Sarah HUXTABLE 23 yrs Leary Cottage


1841 Census for Parish of Filleigh HO 107/204/6, Folio 11, Page 17

Joseph DUNN * ? ? Lower Beer
John DYER ? ? Lower Beer
Ann Dyer ? ? Lower Beer
Richard CLARKE ? ? Lower Beer


* Could this Joseph Dunn be the son of William and Jane Dunn?


1851 Census for Parish of Chittlehampton H107/1891, Folio 787

Hamlet of LEARY




William DUNN Head, m, 49 yrs Agricultural labourer Devon, Little Bray
Jane DUNN Wife, m, 43 yrs - Devon, Swimbridge
William DUNN -, -, 19 yrs - Devon, Chittlehampton
George DUNN Son, u, 16 yrs Drainer Devon, Chittlehampton
Mary DUNN Dau, -, 10 yrs Scholar Devon, Chittlehampton
Henry DUNN Son, -, 8 yrs Scholar Devon, Chittlehampton
Jeremiah DUNN Son, -, 6 yrs Scholar Devon, Chittlehampton
James DUNN Son, -, 2 yrs - Devon, Chittlehampton
Alexander FISHER Vr, u, 16 yrs Agricultural labourer Devon, Yarnscombe

William and Jane Dunn's other son Joseph Dunn, must have left home prior to 1841.


Melhuish's LEARY

William DUNN Head, m, 27 yrs Agricultural labourer Devon, Swimbridge
Catherine DUNN Wife, m, 27 yrs Devon, Chittlehampton
Joseph DUNN Father, w, 61 yrs Agricultural labourer Devon, West Buckland
John DUNN Brother, u, 29 yrs Agricultural labourer Devon, East Buckland
Henry DUNN Brother, u, 22 yrs Agricultural labourer Devon, Swimbridge


1851 Census for Parish of South Molton


John DUNN Servant Boy, 13 yrs works on farm of Henry Manning Devon, Chittlehampton


1861 Census for Parish of West Buckland RG 9/1487, Folio 59, Page 4


Joseph VICKERY farmer
Jeremiah DUNN * 16 yrs servant, farm labourer Devon, Chittlehampton

 * Jeremiah Dunn may be the son of William and Jane Dunn.


I believe that the following details are from the headstone of my great great grandmother:-



Sacred to the memory of Jane Dunn, who died April 30th, 1870, aged 61 yrs,

'As for me I will be hold thy face in righteousness.' 'I shall be satisfied when I wake with thy likeness'


Erected by her son Jerry


Leary is a hamlet which used to be within the ecclesiastical Parish of Chittlehampton but is now in the Parish of West Buckland. Leary and Chittlehamholt were originally detached parts of the Parish.

Along the narrow winding lane through the hamlet of Leary, there are a number of farmhouses with a cottage or two adjacent. Names of these cottages are as follows:- Buckingham's Leary, Bright's Leary, Melhuishes' Leary, May's Leary, Huxtable's Leary, and Gould's Leary. They are all named after an occupant in the past.

Huxtable's Leary, 68 acres, was owned by Earl Fortescue. The land was purchased by Arthur Fortescue in 1686. The 1842 tithe map shows Huxtable's Leary occupied by a Henry Dunn.

Earl Fortescue lived in the Filleigh area at Castle Hill, the large stately home not far away. He was a large land owner in the 1800's.




The following map is not to scale. I would love to hear from anyone related to the Dunns or Huxtables from the areas shown on this map. I would also love to hear from anyone who has any history on the houses at Leary or Huxtable Farm.  


Clicking on some of the houses/farms
will show you who lived there in 1851.


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