Air Defence Headquarters (Townsville)

Australian Chemical Warfare Research Experimental Section (Innisfail) Australian Field Experimental Station (Proserpine)
Central Sick Quarters, renamed to No. 20 Medical Clearing Station (Townsville) Chemical Research Unit Detachment (Bowen & Cairns) No. 1 Base Personnel Staff Office (Townsville)
No. 1 Flying Boat Maintenance Unit (Bowen) No. 1 Reserve Personnel Pool (Townsville) No. 1 Wireless Unit Rear Detachment (Stuart, Townsville)
No. 2 Radio Installation and Maintenance Unit (Townsville) No. 3 Divisional Works Office (Townsville) No. 3 Shipping and Stores Unit (Townsville)

No. 3 Fighters Sector Headquarters, renamed 103 Fighter Control Unit (Townsville)

No. 4 Voluntary Air Air Observers Corps (Townsville) No. 5 Base Personnel Staff Office (Townsville)
No. 5 Medical Receiving Station (Townsville) No. 6 Transportation and Movement Office (Townsville) No. 8 Stores Depot (Townsville and Macrossan)
No. 11 Stores Depot (Townsville) No. 12 Repair and Salvage Unit (Charters Towers) No. 22 (Base) Wing (Townsville)
No. 23 Operational Base Unit (Townsville) No. 35 Operational Base Unit (Cairns) No. 42 Radar Wing (Townsville)
No. 55 Radar Station (Bowen) No. 58 Radar Station (Paluma) No. 211 Radar Station (Home Hill)
Northern Area Headquarters (North-Eastern Area HQ) (Townsville) RAAF Postal Unit (Townsville) RAAF Service Police Unit
RAAF Station Garbutt (Townsville) W/T Station Townsville, renamed No. 12 Signals Unit (Townsville) W/T Station Charters Towers (Charters Towers)



"The WAAF in Australia"
by Joyce Thomson

"Relatively Speaking, Vol. 13, No. 2 June 1995"
by Family History Association of North Queensland


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