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On 22 August 1944, the Aircraft Seventh Fleet Flag Utility Towing Units based at Archerfield Airfield, Brisbane were transferred to "Detachment "A" for Able, of Marine Utility Squadron Two. "Detachment "A" was previously based at Ault Field, Whidbey Island, Washington where it commenced operations on 20 July 1944. Detachment "A" was part of Marine Aircraft Group Twenty One, Fourth Marine Aircraft Wing, Fleet Marine Force.

At that time in August 1944, Detachment "A" had the following aircraft:-

1 only TBF-1
2 only SBD-5
1 only J2F-5

They were providing utility services in the Brisbane area and also maintenance services for six Flag aircraft.


US Navy 7th Command Fleet area at Archerfield Airfield
where Detachment "A", Marine Utility Squadron Two was based


Plan showing a larger area
at Archerfield Airfield
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During September 1944, Detachment "A" provided utility services in the Brisbane area and also provided maintenance services for six Flag planes.

In September 1944 one JM-1 type aircraft, Bureau Number 66607, of Marine Utility Squadron Two (Command) crashed on landing at Mackay Airfield as a result of a brake system failure and running out of runway. There was no injury to personnel and the aircraft was recommended to the Commander Aircraft Seventh Fleet (Logistics Section) for striking and salvage for parts. The engines were preserved and shipped to A.S.D. Espiritu Santo for overhaul.

During October 1944, Detachment "A" conducted routine flights consisting of tracking and tow flights carried out daily for the Wellington Point Gunnery School AATC (Navy). Other missions consisted of cross country flights to Mackay to transport personnel and parts to assist in salvage operations of JM-1 Bureau No. 6667 (see below). Other cross country flights were for transporting Captain Baker, USN to Rockhampton and return.

On 14 October 1944, Detachment "A" discontinued operations by order of Commander Service Force, Seventh Fleet. All Squadron gear and spare parts were crated in preparation for Movement Orders to Sentani Airfield, Hollandia, New Guinea.

Detachment A's aircraft in October 1944 were as follows:-

1 only J2F-5
1 only TBF-1
2 only SBD-5

On 6 November 1944, J2F-5 aircraft Bureau Number 00724 from Detachment "A" crashed on landing at Archerfield Airfield. The following day it was transferred to US Navy Recovery Unit, Navy Number 134, for salvage.

Detachment "A" left Archerfield Airfield for a new location at Sentani Airfield, Hollandia, New Guinea on 16 November 1944.



Utility Squadron Two War Diary


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