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Vice Admiral Herbert F. Leary was appointed as the Commander Allied Forces in the Southwest Pacific Area COMALNAVFORSWP on 18 April 1942. At the same time Vice Admiral Leary also became Commander, Southwest Pacific Force COMSOUWESPAC under which he reported directly to Admiral King. Vice Admiral Leary was replaced by Vice Admiral Arthur S. Carpender on 11 September 1942. He also had the same dual reporting arrangements. The Southwest Pacific Force became the 7th Fleet on 15 March 1943 and its task forces were renumbered, to start with the number "7".

The US Navy's Seventh Fleet was attached to South West Pacific area during WWII under the overall command of General Douglas MacArthur. They were known as "MacArthur's Navy". The Seventh Fleet was established on 19 February 1943.

WWII Commanding Officers of the Seventh Fleet were:-

Vice Admiral Arthur S. Carpender        19 Feb 1943 - 26 Nov 1943
Admiral Thomas C. Kinkaid                26 Nov 1943 - 19 Nov 1945

In May 1944, Vice Admiral Kinkaid was listed as the Commander of Allied Naval Forces. His office was in Room 519 on the 5th floor of the GHQ SWPA in the AMP Building in Queen street in Brisbane.

Rear Admiral J. Cary Jones, was Deputy Commander Southwest Pacific Force and Chief of Staff, Seventh Fleet under Vice Admiral A.S. Carpender in April 1943.

On 1 April 1943, the Seventh Fleet comprised:-

Task Force Seventy

Task Force Seventy One

Task Force Seventy Two

Task Force Seventy Three

Task Force Seventy Four

Task Force Seventy Six

Task Force Seventy Eight

Service Force, Seventh Fleet

Southwest Pacific Sea Frontiers

The Seventh Fleet had its Headquarters in Brisbane, in southern Queensland in May 1944.

The Seventh Fleet comprised:-

The US Navy had a large Naval Base in Brisbane known as US Naval Base Headquarters, Navy 134.


Base Facilities Report, U.S. Naval Activities, Southwest Pacific Area
Complied by Commander Seventh Fleet


Subchaser SC 648 of the 7th Fleet


Subchaser SC 738 of the 7th Fleet


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