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Company "A", 207th Quartermaster Battalion (Gasoline Supply) disembarked from U.S.A.T. James T. Parker at Hamilton Wharf, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia at 2200 hours on 6 April 1942. They moved the short distance from the wharves to Camp Ascot at the Ascot Racecourse. The only equipment that they had arrived with was as follows:-

three 2 1/2 ton GMC 6 x 6 Cargo trucks
one Dodge 1/2 ton 4 x 4 C & R
one Willys 1/4 ton 4 x 4 GP Truck
one Dodge 1/2 ton 4 x 4 Pickup
four Gasloine Dispensers (Milwaukee Milkers)
3,200 five gallon gasoline containers

During April 1942 personnel from the unit operated a gasoline filling station near Ascot Park adjacent to Camp Ascot and another one at nearby Brett's Wharf. Personnel also serviced motor vehicles as they were unloaded from the ships. Groups of men were also supplied 24 hours each day to work on the wharves in the Brisbane area unloading supplies.

On 4 May 1942, Company "A", 207th Quartermaster Battalion (Gasoline Supply) was redesignated to become the 190th Quartermaster Gasoline Supply Company.

On 1 June 1942 the unit was ordered to Mount Isa in western Queensland. Twenty one 1 ton trailers were procured on requisition prior to departure. Equipment and all other freight was shipped from Brisbane on 3 June 1942.

On 4 June 1942 the unit entrained at Roma Street Station in Brisbane and left for Mount Isa. They arrived in Mount Isa at 2200 hours on 7 June 1942 after travelling a distance of 1,400 miles. They bivouacked overnight in an area 3 miles north of Mount Isa.

On 8 June 1942 a temporary camp was established in the same area. The unit awaited the organisation of Motor Transport Command No. 1, which this unit was a part of.

On 12 June 1942 the unit started to construct a new base camp at Rifle Creek, 20 miles south of Mount Isa. The company area was built next to the railway siding where gasoline was unloaded and a Class III Supply Reserve Dump was established.

20 miles of road was repaired on the Duchess Highway. Five bridges were constructed. A loading ramp 60 feet long and 20 feet wide made of stone and logs was constructed next to the road.

The following men were placed on Detached Service on 26 June 1942 to establish overnight camps on the East-West, North-South Road running between Mount Isa and Birdum, in the Northern Territory.

Cpl Duwe
Cpl Duran
Cpl Schmeding
Cpl Terry
Pfc Boguslawske
Pfc Heiden
Pfc Kopycinski
Pfc Edgette
Pfc Hunt
Pfc Burch
Pfc English
Pfc Koch
Pfc Valentine
Pfc Chalk
Pfc Manning
Pfc Shupp
Pvt Breitweiser
Pvt Curl
Pvt Flowers
Pvt Hader
Pvt Holmes
Pvt Padilla
Pvt Riwhardson
Pvt Sanchez
Pvt Sullivan
Pvt Hendericks
Pvt Farrell
Pvt Weber
Pvt Banfield
Pvt Bunce
Pvt Heban
Pvt Norbert Wolf

Night Camp No. 1 was set up at Bore 19 about 170 miles from Mount Isa.

Night Camp No. 2 was set up at Bore 6A.

Night Camp No. 3 was set up at Helen Springs about 210 miles from Bore 6A.

Night Camp 4 was established at Birdum in the Northern Territory which was about 700 miles from the Base Camp at Rifle creek, south of Mount Isa.

One NCO and seven Privates were stationed at each of the four camps. Their duty was to establish a Class III supply dump and to refuel convoys that were travelling to and from Birdum.

Company "B" of the 440th Signal Battalion constructed signal pole lines between these various camps.


Official History of the 190th Quartermaster Gasoline Supply Company



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