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Bore 6A Staging Camp (Night Camp No. 2) was located on the Barkley Highway 203 miles west of Camooweal. The location is now called 'Frewena'. The land was hired from the Northern Territory Pastoral Company Limited.

The name  "Frewena" apparently came from "Frew" after Frew Creek and "Ena" after Mrs Ena Whitlock. The Whitlocks later ran a pub and petrol store and garden. Frewena is about 100 miles to the east of Tennant Creek.


NAA Archives file

Plan of Night Staging
Camp Bore 6A (203 Mile)


The Darwin Overland Maintenance Force (DOMF) was an Australian Army unit responsible for the supply of food, medical, sanitary and signal services to the gangs building the North - South road in the Northern Territory and any military personnel camped along the road such as the overnight camps at Banka Banka, Powell's Creek, Elliot, etc.  When they built the road from Mount Isa, a similar force was created, called Mt Isa Maintenance Force (MIMF).

These camp location were so named because the Australian Army, in 1941, sunk water bores approximately every 10 miles from Alice Springs to Mount Isa and numbered them accordingly. Most of these bores are still there in use today.

The Bore 6A Staging Camp was sold to a Mr W. H. Whitlock in January 1946 by the Commonwealth Disposals Commission as follows:-


Showers and Ablutions 64' x 17' 2
Hut, Canteen Store 60' x 18' 10
Hut, Canteen Store 57' x 18' 10
Latrine Building 24' x 7' 10 Shillings
Shed 16' x 13' 5
Shed 8' x 7' 10 Shillings
Latrine Building 24' x 7' 10 Shillings
Kitchen, Recreation Room and Orderly Room, exclud. Refrig. Room 150' x 30'
150' x 30'
60' x 40'
Shed 18' x 15' 1
Shed 18' x 15' 2
Hut 57' x 21' 40
Hut 40' x 18' 25
Hut 33' x 18' 30
Shed 12' x 6' 5
Showers and Ablutions 43' x 10' 15
2 Latrine Buildings 24' x 11' ea 1
Latrine building 14' x 7' 2
Showers and Ablutions 16' x 10' 10
Hut 20' x 16' 2
3 Huts 30' x 16' 2
2 x 5,000 gallon GCI Tank   50
1 x 100 gallon GCI Tank   1
1 x 1,000 gallon GCI Tank (at bore)   2/10/-




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