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R.B. Irwin; J.W. Duerst; J.M. Menczkowski;                     3.83; 27 June 1942
Takeoff from Amberley at 1300, landed at Charleville, Queensland, 1650. We had a two-day leave in Brisbane, rather short of the week we had been promised. My first time in a "non-island" town in almost three years. All I could do was stand on the streets, sweating-out the "funny looking" white girls. Really a treat to see them. I stayed at the Carlton Hotel, soft mattress, bath, waiters, etc. I met a few girls and wound up the last evening with 5 beauties, all mine. I tried dancing and had forgotten how. It didn't matter though, men were scarce and women plentiful. B-17E # 2658


R.B. Irwin; J.W. Duerst; J.M. Menczkowski;                     3.92; 7 July 1942
Takeoff from Charleville at 0700, landed at Townsville, Queensland, at 1055. Checked in at Garbutt Field and checked out again into the Railway Hotel on Flinders Street. B-17E # 41-9206


F. Hardison;                                                             1.50; 20 July 1942
Takeoff from Longreach at 1015, landed at Charleville at 1145. We spent a quiet four days at Longreach and came back to Charleville. Only one other crew left here besides us, it didn't take us long to get into the old routines. B-17E # 2408

R.B. Irwin; V.H. Reeves; J.M. Menczkowski;                 3.50; 29 July 1942
Takeoff from Charleville at 1240, landed at Mareeba at 1615. Another ferry job, attached to the 93rd Bomb Sqdn. I spoke with W.P. Griffin and J.W. Kennedy out of the old 72nd and out of the Philippines. They said that my training program, done a year ago, had really helped them in the Philippines. Just glad to get out of Charleville and into a fighting outfit; this is a fighting outfit by reputation. They also serve beer every night and the chow is good. ?

R.B. Irwin; V.H. Reeves; J.M. Menczkowski;                 3.60; 9 August 1942
Takeoff from Mareeba at 1130, landed at Charleville, 1500. Back to Charleville again. Mareeba was disappointing because wake were only attached and pulling details for the 93rd. Checked in at the hotel. We are the only flying crew left here and have the run of the place. Everyone knows us by now. Flew down in a plane from the 28th Bomb Sqdn which needed repairs since it had a couple of cannon holes in it two men killed. B-17E 4 2536

R.B. Irwin; J.W. Duerst; J.M. Menczkowski;                 4.42; 27 August 1942
Takeoff from Charleville, 1000, landed at Mareeba, 1425. Really glad to get out of Charleville. We are assigned to the 93rd Bomb Sqdn and maybe this time we will get some action. I learned that T/Sgt H.T. Randal and Sgt Coy Adams of the old 2nd Provisional Sqdn had been killed on a hop over Cairns, Q. Both good men. B-17E # 2464


19th Bomb Group



With the 19th and 43rd Bombardment Groups 1942-3
by William R. Eaton


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