Mareeba was also sometimes referred to as Hoevet Field by the Americans after Major Dean Carol "Pinky" Hoevet who was killed on 16 August 1942.

100 Squadron RAAF moved from Richmond to Mareeba on 22 May 1942 and then to Laverton on 2 July 1942.

On 23 October 1942, twelve B-17 Flying Fortresses of the 19th Bomb Group relocated from Mareeba to Townsville. 

Bruce Graham told me that the 8th Fighter Group left Milne Bay and arrived at Mareeba in February 1943. They then moved to Port Moresby in New Guinea on 16 May 1943. Another unknown source indicated that the 8th Fighter Group were moved back to Townsville for rest and re-equipment.

5 Squadron RAAF relocated from Kingaroy airfield and arrived at Mareeba airfield in June 1943.


 Memorial at Mareeba Airfield


 Memorial at Mareeba Airfield


mareeba06.jpg (291346 bytes)

Part of the Memorial
at Mareeba Airfield


Plaque at Mareeba Airfield


Pictures on a wall inside one of the airfield's buildings


mareeba09.jpg (109526 bytes)

Photograph of a plan of the
airfield on display at the airfield


Mareeba airfield 11 July 1943, showing northern end
of runway and mart of the town of Mareeba (bottom right)


Mareeba airfield 11 July 1943



5 Squadron RAAF

100 Squadron RAAF

HQ, 1st Battalion, US 94 Coastal Artillery (A-A) Regiment, plus Batteries A (less I Platoon), b, C, I and K.

Australian 33rd Light A-A Battery

19th Bomb Group USAAC

43rd Bomb Group USAAC

8th Fighter Group USAAC




5 Jun 42 Mareeba RAAF Beaufort A9-50 (T9602)
12 Jun 42 Mareeba area RAAF Beaufort A9-56 (T9608)
25 Jun 42 Mt. Mulligan, 35 miles NW of Mareeba RAAF Beaufort A9-36 (T9588)
26 Aug 42 Mareeba USAAF B-17 Flying Fortress #41-2621 "Daylight Limited"
6 Sep 42 Mareeba USAAF B-17 Flying Fortress #41-24428
14 Sep 42 Mareeba USAAF B-17 Flying Fortress #41-24391
5 Nov 42 Mareeba USAAF B-17E Flying Fortress #41-9012
16 Nov 42 (1) Mareeba USAAF? B-17F Flying Fortress #41-24402
25 Feb 43 between Cooktown and Mareeba USAAF P-400 Airacobra 1st Lt. John R. Casey killed
12 Jun 43 near Mareeba RAAF Wirraway A20-289, 2 killed
9 Aug 43 Biboohra north of Mareeba USAAF P-38 Lightning ?
22 Aug 43 Mareeba RAAF Wirraway A20-537, collided with A20-549 (see below)
22 Aug 43 Mareeba RAAF Wirraway A20-549, collided with A20-537 (see above)
abt Jan 44 Mareeba RAAF Boomerang A46-56
abt Apr 44 Mareeba RAAF Boomerang A46-153
abt Oct 44 Mareeba RAAF Boomerang A46-202
6 Nov 44 Mareeba RAAF Wirraway A20-517

Shane Low, who lives on Ellery Road on a property owned by Catherine MacMahon, told me in October 2016 that he had found a US Army Air Force Pilot's wings on his property at the top of a ridge that backs onto the Barron River. The property is almost opposite the Mareeba Airfield on the highway,

The Wings badge was found using a metal detector about 6 inches down in the fork of two tree roots in an area near a track about 250 metres from the rivers edge. He also found a bunch of bullets and shell casings in the same general area. The bullet stamps are American , and are dated to the war years. This was most likely the site of one of the USAAF camp areas near Mareeba Airfield during WWII.


Photo:- Shane Low

US Army Air Force Pilot's Wings found by Shane Low


Photo:- Shane Low

Reverse side of the Pilot's Wings found by Shane Low.
Maker's mark on reverse side says "Wallace Bishop Brisbane".

Photo:- Shane Low

Badges, and Dog Tags found by Shane Low


I'd like to thank David Adams for providing the above aerial photographs. David was a 10 year old living not far from the Mareeba strip at that time in 1942. He had some memories of mainly the B-17 Flying Fortresses of the 19th Bomb Group. He saw the explosion of the Fortress that crashed into the low western hill in the very early hours and did see some come back as they were getting out of school with very large holes in them. David has been involved with of four of the old warbirds at Mareeba airfield.

I'd like to thank Shane Low and Michael Musumeci for their assistance with this web page.



"Beau's, Butchers & Boomerangs, Mareeba - The History of a WWII Airfield 1942-1945"
By Damian Waters


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