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- Headquarters Squadron

- 2nd Combat Cargo Group
          - 5th Combat Cargo Squadron
          - 6th Combat Cargo Squadron
          - 7th Combat Cargo Squadron
          - 8th Combat Cargo Squadron

- 317th Troop Carrier Group
          - 39th Troop Carrier Squadron
          - 40th Troop Carrier Squadron
          - 41st Troop Carrier Squadron
          - 46th Troop Carrier Squadron

- 374th Troop Carrier Group
          - 6th Troop Carrier Squadron
          - 21st Troop Carrier Squadron
          - 22nd Troop Carrier Squadron
          - 33rd Troop Carrier Squadron

- 375th Troop Carrier Group
          - 55th
Troop Carrier Squadron
56th Troop Carrier Squadron
57th Troop Carrier Squadron
          - 58th Troop Carrier Squadron

- 433rd Troop Carrier Group
          - 65th Troop Carrier Squadron
          - 66th Troop Carrier Squadron
          - 67th Troop Carrier Squadron
          - 68th Troop Carrier Squadron
          - 69th Troop Carrier Squadron
          - 70th Troop Carrier Squadron

- 333rd Signal Corps

- 415th Signal Corps

- 21st Service Group

- 801st Medical Air Evacuation Squadron

- 804th Medical Air Evacuation Squadron

- 820th Medical Air Evacuation Squadron

The 54th Troop Carrier Wing of the 5th Air Force was formed in Australia from the 374th Troop Carrier Group on 13 May 1943 under the command of Colonel Paul H. Prentiss. 

The role of the Troop Carrier groups was to:-

The 6th Combat Cargo Squadron (6thCCS) of the 2nd Combat Cargo Group was formed in April 1944.



Allied Air Transport Operations South West Pacific Area in WWII
Volume One - Development of Air Transport 1903-1943
by Robert H. Kelly



I'd like to thank Darlene McMurry for her assistance with this web page. Darlene is the widow of Glenn McMurry who passed away in January 2003. Darlene has kept the 54th Troop Carrier Wing Newsletter going since Glenn fell sick. Glenn McMurry's autobiography can be found on the website http://www.gregssandbox.com/mcmurry/


54th Troop Carrier Wing World Wide Web Page
by Glenn Deal McMurry, edited by Darlene McMurry

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