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- 65th Troop Carrier Squadron

- 66th Troop Carrier Squadron

- 67th Troop Carrier Squadron

- 68th Troop Carrier Squadron

- 69th Troop Carrier Squadron

- 70th Troop Carrier Squadron

The 70th Troop Carrier Squadron, of the 433rd Troop Carrier Group, arrived at Townsville from the United States with their C-47's on 7 September 1943. They transferred from Townsville to Port Moresby, New Guinea with C-47's on 21 September 43.


B-17 Flying Fortress, #41-24353, “Cap’n and the Kids” cannibalised
at the 4th ADG and then in Nov 43, modified to serve in the
capacity as an armed transport with the 69th Troop Carrier Squadron 


Crash landing of C-47A-35-DL Dakota
at Cooktown Airfield
on 17 September 1943


Dennis Brooks is researching his father's military past. His name is 1st Lt. Valentine D. Brooks. He continued to serve in the USAAF until retirement in February 1960, as a Major, at Moody Air Force Base.

He served as a co-pilot and pilot from 29 Sep. 44 to 1 Nov. 45. He flew both the C-47 and C-46 aircraft assigned to the 69th T.C. SQ. of the 433rd Troop Carrier Group.

According to his duty records, he arrived in the following locations on these dates:

Nadzab, N.G. 19 Sept. 44
Biak, 5 Jan. 45
Leyte, P.I. 25 Jan. 45
Clark Airfield, 13 Feb. 45 - when it was shelled by enemy artillery
Luzon, P.I. 30 Jun. 45

Also according to his records, he was awarded the Air Medal on 31 Aug 45. His records indicate that he flew 19 combat missions and has a total of 119:55 hours, flying C-46 and C-47 aircraft in the Asiatic-Pacific.



"Back Load". 
 This book is describes the history of the 433rd Troop Carrier Group, New Guinea, Feb. 1943 to June 1944. The book was set up, printed and bound in Australia by Halstead Press Pty Ltd. 9-19 Nickson Street, Sydney, 1945



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