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Binbrook airfield was opened for operation in June 1940. It eventually closed in June 1988. There were five C Type hangars located at the airfield which consisted of 3 runways. It was 373 feet above sea level.

On 14 May 1943, 460 Squadron moved to Binbrook, Lincolnshire by air, using its own Lancasters and some Horsa gliders. They stayed at Binbrook until 28 July 1945.

Two other Squadrons were based at Binbrook. One of these was 12 Squadron from 3 July 1940 until August 1940. They returned again in September 1940 eventually leaving on 24 September 1942. They had Fairey Battles and Wellingtons during their stay at Binbrook.

The other Squadron to be based at Binbrook was 142 Squadron which was there initially from 3 July 1940 until 12 August 1940. They returned again on 6 September 1940 and eventually left on 26 November 1941. They had Fairey Battles and Wellingtons during their stays at Binbrook.

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The following photographs were sent to me by Herb and Mary Oliver of Burrum Heads, Queensland on 28 June 1998. The photographs were taken during their visit to the village of Binbrook in April 1998.  The RAF station had closed and was then part of a commercial and industrial development.


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The 460 Squadron Memorial situated on the hill above the old Marquis of Granby Pub, on the opposite side of the road to the pub - it looks towards the airfield.  The road leading to the airfield turns off just below the memorial.   The surrounds are well kept and as you can see the flowers in spring give a nice touch to the memorial.  Standing beside the memorial is Herb Oliver.


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The Marquis of Granby Pub - now in the process of being turned into housing flats.  The integrity of the exterior will be retained.   On the left is Herb Oliver and the other person is one of the workmen, covered in black soot, who was helping to carry out the renovations.


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This is a view of an area outside one of the hangars with perhaps some of the original Quonset igloos in the background.


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Another shot of the above Quonset igloos. In the photo is Herb Oliver who is facing one of the big hangars.


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Mary Oliver is standing in front of a couple of hangars. The airfield is away to the right of the picture.  The runways appear to be still useable.



The 460 Squadron Memorial taken on 11 August 2004 by Terry Beckwith. Terry and his sister Jean Ann
Margaret Plummer
were there on their annual 'pilgrimage' to Binbrook, to pay homage to their father
Sgt. Frederick William Walter Beckwith and all the other young men of all nationalities who gave their
lives whilst serving with 460 Squadron. Sgt.Beckwith and his crew went missing on the night of 27/28th
June 1944 during an Operation to Vaires, in France. Neither the aircraft, or the crew were ever found.


Sgt.F.W.W. Beckwith was the Wireless Operator in Lancaster ME 793 piloted by J.L. Israel. This crew flew 14 operations before they were all killed in action on 27/28 June 1944. The crew were as follows:-

Jack Lewis Israel, Pilot
Leslie George White, Engineer
Gregory Herbert Hunkin, Bomb Aimer
Leo Ernest George Pester, Navigator
Frederick William Walter Beckwith, Wireless Operator
Albert Edward John Rouse, Gunner
Krynski T, Gunner

Terry's sister Jean Ann Margaret Plummer kneeling beside the memorial in the old runway at Binbrook


Another memory of 460 Squadron at Binbrook

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I'd like to thank Herb Oliver and Terry Beckwith for their assistance with this home page.



"Action Stations - Military Airfields of Lincolnshire and the East Midlands"
by Bruce Barrymore Halfpenny

"RAF Bomber Airfields of World War 2"
By Jonathan Falconer


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