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14 Squadron RAAF was formed at Pearce in Western Australia on 6 February 1939. Its first Commanding Officer was Flight Lieutenant C.W. Pearce. The Squadron was initially equipped with Avro Ansons.

When WW2 was declared in Europe, 14 Squadron commenced reconnaissance flights along the western coastline of Australia. It also carried out anti-submarine patrols to protect the troop ships carrying Australian troops to the Middle East.

14 Squadron was re-equipped with Mark IV Lockheed Hudsons in in mid 1940. On occasions, a small detachment was established at Albany. 

After war was declared with Japan in December 1941, 14 Squadron intensified its maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine patrols. On one occasion, a Lockheed Hudson from 14 Squadron attacked a submarine which was later identified as an American submarine. The submarine was badly damaged. The pilot was later exonerated after a Court of Inquiry.

On two other patrols, Japanese aircraft were sighted but they were unable to engage them.

On 3 March 1942, a Hudson from 14 Squadron RAAF was totally destroyed when the Japanese fighter aircraft carried out a surprise attack on Broome.

14 Squadron RAAF was re-equipped with Beaufort bombers in late 1942. They carried out their first patrols in the Beauforts in December 1942. They intensified their reconnaissance patrols in March 1943 due to an anticipated Japanese Naval invasion which did not eventuate.

From February 1944 they had another scare when there were reports of a rogue German submarine operating from the Dutch East Indies. The submarine was never found by 14 Squadron.

A German U-Boat did later operate in Australian waters.  On 9 December 1944 Kapitan Timm, the Commanding Officer of rogue German U Boat, U-862, shelled the Greek tanker "Ilissos" (4724 tons) at a location of 130 miles south east of Adelaide. On 6 February 1945 , U-862 made its third attack in Australian waters. It fired 6 torpedoes into the motor vessel "Peter Silvester" off the Western Australian coast. Fifteen survivors were picked up on 9 February 1945. 

14 Squadron RAAF was disbanded on 30 October 1945. 


Crash of an Avron Anson, A4-4 of 14 Squadron RAAF
On Mount Torbreck, near Eildon in Victoria on 16 May 1940



"Flying Squadrons of the Australian Defence Force"
by Steve Eather


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