ON 16 MAY 1940


Avro Anson A4-4 (ex RAF Serial No. K6215) of 14 Squadron RAAF went missing on a flight from Point Cook to Central Flying School CFS Camden, NSW on 16 May 1940. The aircraft had earlier departed RAAF Pearce on 14 May 1940 in company with Avro Ansons A4-25 and A4-38 headed for RAAF Camden. The wreckage of A4-4 was located just over 9 months later on Mt Torbreck, near Wangaratta, in Victoria on 24 January 1941.

The Avro Anson hit Mt Torbreck, about 200 feet below its peak in foggy weather. The crew of four were all killed:-

Flying Officer Anthony Ashby Daniel (243) Pilot
Corporal Ivan Lapen Stowdor (2472) W.T. Operator
Corporal Francis Ettiene Hyland (3515) Fitter
Corporal Herman Fred Sass (256) Fitter

David McMillan contacted me on 24 August 2000 to say that he had discovered this crash site whilst deer hunting in the mountains near Eildon, Victoria in the 1980's. He wrote an article about it in "Australian Ultralights" many years ago but, unfortunately did not kept a copy. David advised that the crash site was on Mount Torbreck and was difficult to find because the track was long overgrown in 1985.

David sent details of the crash site to the RAAF Point Cook Museum and they sent him some details as follows:-

Three Ansons left Point Cook at 1145 on 16 May 1940, enroute from Pearce to Camden, callsigns 8BNE, 8BNF and 8BNA. BNE eventually reached Cootamundra, but BNF and BNA attempted to return to Point Cook. BNA went missing and was found to have crashed on Mount Torbreck, near Eildon. The crew were PO A.A. Daniel, Cpl I.L Stowdor, Cpl F.E. Hyland and Cpl H.F. Sass. The aircraft was A4-4 of 14 Squadron RAAF.

A small memorial and plaque has been erected on the site. There is still some scrap metal laying about the site, though David understands that the aircraft was recovered for scrap by the locals.


vic88a.jpg (78346 bytes)
Photo David McMillan

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Photo David McMillan


Anthony Dykes contacted me on 12 September 2013 to advise that he had visited the crash site in June 2013 and that the site had changed significantly from the way it looked in the above photographs.

Since he visited the crash site, Anthony has consulted with the DEPI (formally DSE) and has been granted approval to restore the walking track and the monument site with the assistance of a volunteer group. If anyone would like to be involved in the restoration process feel free to contact Anthony at


Photo:- Anthony Dykes

Anthony Dykes standing beside the Memorial Stone and plaque which
has a fallen tree laying across it when he visited the site in June 2013


Photo:- Anthony Dykes

Close-up of the fallen tree across the plaque


Photo:- Anthony Dykes

Parts of the wreckage have been piled against the monument by previous visitors to the site


Photo:- Anthony Dykes

The overgrown site of the memorial in June 2013


Photo:- Anthony Dykes

The overgrown track to the crash site



The following information is from the Commonwealth War Graves home page:-


In Memory of


Flying Officer (243)
Royal Australian Air Force
who died on Thursday, 16th May 1940. Age 22.

Son of George and Winifred Amy Daniel, of Mount Lawly, Western Australia.

Cemetery: VICTORIA CREMATION MEMORIAL, Victoria, Australia
Grave Reference/Panel Number: Panel 3 (cremated Springvale Crematorium)


In Memory of


Corporal (2474)
Royal Australian Air Force
who died on Thursday, 16th May 1940. Age 25.

Memorial: SYDNEY MEMORIAL, New South Wales, Australia
Grave Reference/Panel Number: Panel 7.


In Memory of


Corporal (3515)
Royal Australian Air Force
who died on Thursday, 16th May 1940. Age 27.

Son of Charles William and Alice Hyland-husband of Eileen Alma Hyland, of Balwyn. R.C. Plot. Compt.

Cemetery: FAWKNER MEMORIAL PARK CEMETERY, Victoria, Australia
Grave Reference/Panel Number: I. Grave 562.


In Memory of


Corporal (2560)
Royal Australian Air Force
who died on Thursday, 16th May 1940. Age 23.

Son of Ferdinand Herman Hans and Linda Margareta Sass; husband of Daphne Sass, of South Perth.

Cemetery: PERTH (KARRAKATTA) CREMATORIUM, Western Australia, Australia
Grave Reference/Panel Number: H Wall. Niche 6.



I'd like to thank David McMillan for his assistance with this web page.

I'd also like to thank Anthony Dykes and Chris Daniel, nephew of Anthony Daniel, for their assistance with this web page.


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