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TITLE - North Dandalup Out camp


LOCATION - 70 kms south of Perth WA, 5 kms east of the town of North Dandalup in the Darling Range


DATES - February 1942-March 1952


CAPACITY - 40 Germans


No OF COMPOUNDS - 1 German unfenced sleeping hutted area


COMMANDANT - Various Guard officers accompanying wood cutting parties


MEDICAL OFFICER - Medical orderlies attached from No 16 POW Camp 


GUARDS - Detachments No 8 POW Guard Company from No 16 Camp 


CAMP FUNCTIONS - German POWs engaged in firewood collection stationed there in order to save daily travel from No 16 Camp at Marrinup.

Camp originally built in February 1942 as a guerilla training camp for the Volunteer Defence Corps.

They were to remain behind the invading Japanese and conduct subversive warfare against them.

Camp later used by displaced persons from Europe until March 1952.


CURRENT STATUS - Until 1992 the area was untouched except for the removal of the huts in 1952. The roads, machinery, and other artefacts such as Q-Store items (boots, blankets, webbing etc) were cleared to make way for the construction of the new North Dandalup Dam 



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