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LOCATION - 100 kms south of Perth WA, 2 kms north of abandoned mill town of Marrinup and 4 kms west of Dwellingup


DATES - July 1943-August 1946


200 Germans, later increased to 300 (November 1944)

400 Italians, later increased to 900 (August 1944)


1 German (300 POWs)

1 Italian Fascist (400POWs)

1 Italian Royalist (500POWs)


Maj Geoffrey Holgate-Browne, July 1943-January 1945

Capt Len Marshall (2IC) January-March 1946 acting OC

Maj Hector Stuart Foley March 1945-October 1946


2IC/ADJUTANT - Capt Len Marshall July 1943-October 1946


MEDICAL OFFICER - Capt Ken Morrison


C.S.M. - WO 2 Frank Linguard


GUARDS - No 8 POW Guard Company, drawn from Nos 5 & 10 Garrison Battalions, strength 120-160 (all ranks)


CAMP FUNCTIONS - German POWs engaged in firewood collection for the Perth metropolitan area and local army establishments.

Administrative center for all POW activities in WA and Italians placed on farms in the rural regions of WA. Also holding center for Italians returned for disciplinary reasons, medical treatment or relocation to other farms. Also reception center for new arrivals in to WA from overseas or No 13 POW Camp, Victoria


CURRENT STATUS - Area declared a protected site under the WA Heritage Act and entered onto the Register of the National Estate. Many ruins, foundations, barbed wire and artefacts. Also recognized tourist destination with info panels and tours.



Salvatore Di Giuseppe from Naples, Italy, is trying to track down his Australian relations

Salvatore's mother told him that his uncle whose surname was Chianese was born Giuseppe in Casandrino 19/1/1914 N67415. He was interned in Australia during the second world war in camp:16 W. Camp Marrinup; Rank: V.C. Sq (West Australia). 

During the internment he worked as a farm labourer on a small farm in that area.. He met a woman (daughter of the owner of the small farm) and they had two or three children, who are believed to be given to the names of Chianese Angela and Chianese Francesco.

At the end of the war his uncle returned to Italy leaving in Australia the woman whom he loved and their daughters. He never returned to Australia.

Salvatore's uncle has been dead for quite some time but he would like to obtain some news of his Australian cousins.

Salvatore has a photograph of his uncle with a female companion and her daughter.



Subject:    Camp Marrinup
Date:          Tue, 26 Mar 2002 14:51:20 +0800
From:        "Ernie Polis" <>

PWIX 67415...( PWIX stands for Prisoner of War. Italian.X means a facist )
138 Blackshirt Regt, 7 years service

DOB 8 Jan 1914
At Roma 5
CASANDRINO, Naples province

Captured Bardia 3 Jan 1941

Father: Francesco CHIANESE
Mother: Angelina PACIOLCA

Arrives Aust 13 Feb 1945
Melb on HT General Mitchel

5' 10"
177 lbs
Hazel eyes
Black hair
Small scar on forehead.

Arrived WA 17 Feb 1945 at Karrakatta, by rail

Sent to W2 Kendenup 14 Mar 1945..Placed on farm
E J Waterhouse Goomalling area. PO Box No 38 Goomalling

left 10 Oct 1945. to Marrinup No 16 camp

22 Nov 1945 sent to W1 Bridgetown Placed on farm
C W Rodway Bridgetown area, Jayes Road

Left 25 Mar 1946 and sent to farm in Bridgetown area
JGC Falconer, Bridgetown
( Now at Melville Perth Ph No 08 9330 5039 )

Left 8 May 1946, sent to Northam for repatriation

Left Aust 30 Sept 1946 on HT CHITRAL for Naples

Can't be long enough at any farm to see any of his children born

Sorry Peter no entries for CHIANESE any where in WA and the other farmers are no longer listed in their areas of war time residence nor are there any relations either.

Regards Ernie


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