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Approximately 4,000 Prisoners of War, mainly Italians and Germans were detained at Camp 13 Murchison POW Camp in the Tatura District of Victoria during World War 2. Some Japanese POW's were moved to Camp 13 after the Cowra Breakout in 1944.

In 1984, the new formed Tatura & District Historical Society identified the seven World War Two POW and Internment camps in the Tatura district of Victoria as being of significant historical importance for the district. The Society opened the Bill Doller Room in 1991 to house their collection on these camps.


Camp 1 Tatura Internment Camp Camp 2 Tatura Internment Camp Camp 3 Rushworth Internment Camp
Camp 4 Rushworth Internment Camp Camp 6 Graytown POW Camp Dhurringile POW Camp
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Subject:   Jon Zeiderman
Date:           Mon, 13 Aug 2001 04:05:30 GMT
From:          "Arthur G. Knee" <>

Dear Peter,

Although we would love to have our Murchison POW. Camp 13 in Jon Zeiderman's film script, I am afraid the scenario suggested would be more likely to have occurred nearer the combat zone, e,g, Townsville or Darwin. 

Our POW Camp 13 held, for a time in 1944/45, approx. 400 Japanese Army POWs, survivors of a breakout from Cowra POW Camp, NSW. Tatura Internment Camp 1, nearby, had a large Army Hospital which cared for the 7 internment and POW Camps in this area. 

Please forward on this information.
Lurline Knee.



Subject:   Murchison Camp
Date:           Sat, 10 Nov 2001 09:18:50 EST

I recently learned that while my Italian grandfather was a POW in Africa during WWII, he was shipped to Murchison.

Apparently, he spent about 3 years on a sheep farm before being sent back to Italy.

I've been trying to find some more specific information (seemingly sparse) on why it all happened, and came across your site.

Would you be able to direct me to where I could find more info, particularly names?

Thanks in anticipation,



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