Huxtable Farm - April 1995


Huxtable Farm is an excellent Bed and Breakfast farm located between the villages of West Buckland and East Buckland. The turnoff to the farm is right opposite the very impressive West Buckland private school.


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Some MPEG movie files of our stay
at Huxtable's Farm in April 1995

WARNING - These files are large

Huxtable Farm
(1,283 Kbytes)

Bimbo the dog outside our room
(828 Kbytes)

Lounge Room
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Dinner at Huxtables Farm
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Feeding the Sheep at Huxtable's Farm
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Dinner at Huxtable Farm

Dinner at Huxtables Farm.
My wife Kay at far left
(April 1995)

Peter Dunn at Huxtable Farm - April 1995

Peter Dunn in Lounge or
Reading Room at Huxtable
(April 1995)


Click Here for a more detailed map of the area including location of Churches and cemeteries.


Some old photos of Huxtables Farm

1930 photo of Huxtable farms Barn.jpg (191759 bytes)

The Barn in 1930

1930 Armhouse.jpg (185600 bytes)

The Armhouse in 1930

The Dining Room in 1930


Barbara Payne, of Huxtable Farm, West Buckland, North Devon, EX32 0SR, UK has produced an excellent book "Huxtable - The Story of a Devon Farm" (ISBN No. 0-9521055-0-0).


Book on Huxtable Farm


The book contains a history of the farm and its previous owners including some information on Huxtable family research.

The farm is a small 80 acre working farm on the edge of Exmoor in the Parish of East Buckland.

It has been assumed by Barbara Payne that Huxtables' occupied Huxtable Farm until about 1674.

In 1711 Richard Nott of Swimbridge sold Huxtable Farm to James Buckingham as part of a marriage settlement of 250 to S. Burgess from West Buckland. Buckingham owned Huxtable Farm until at least 1767. It was rented out at a "peppercorn" rent to a Joseph Simobar.

In 1777 Huxtable Farm was bequethed to Buckingham's son-in-law Mr. Hill.

John Passmore was the sitting Tenant at Huxtable Farm in 1794. He had paid 57 to a Mr. Hill .

On 9 January 1797, Reverand Hill, on behalf of Chappell to whom he was married, and Metherall, sold Huxtable Farm to Hugh Fortescue for 1,650. Reverend Hill, Metherall and Chapell were all descendants of James Buckingham.

Passmore was given a notice to quit in 1807.

On 25 March 1815 an indenture of 85 was raised between Thomas Heddon and the Earl of Fortescue. Seven years later in 1822 a second indenture of 65 was raised. Thomas Heddon and his wife Mary had a child in1821.

Thomas Heddon left Huxtable some time prior to 1841 but after 1831. He and his young son went to America. The most likely year is 1833.

The Slader family, possibly from the nearby village of North Molton then settled at Huxtable Farm. The 1841 Census shows John and his wife Mary and 4 sons and 3 daughters living at Huxtable Farm.

The 1851 Census shows the following entry for John and Mary Slader.  If my assumptions are correct, it would appear that the farm was known as Tauple Bartin Farm House at that time.

Census Place:    East Buckland South Molton, Devonshire
Address:             Taupel Bartin Farm House, South Molton

Name Relation-
Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace
John SLADER Head M 56 M Farmer Of 80 Acres Employing 5 Sons & Daughter North Molton-Dev
Mary SLADER Wife M 54 F --- North Molton-Dev
John SLADER Son U 28 M Employed On The Farm North Molton-Dev
William SLADER Son U 18 M Employed On The Farm North Molton-Dev
Thomas SLADER Son U 16 M Employed On The Farm East Buckland-Dev
Mary SLADER Daur U 25 F At Home Brendon-Dev
Charity SLADER Daur   - 12 F At Home East Buckland-Dev

The 1881 census shows a Thomas Slader and his wife Mary living at Huxtable with 4 children. The farm was owned by John (Jack) Slader (wife Elizabeth Seldom) up until 1941.

Huxtable Farm was then owned by the Ridd family. They moved in on 25 March 1941. Fred Ridd married Doreen Cass in 1944.

The Ridd family left Huxtable's Farm on 6 December 1980 and the Payne family took over.


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