ON 3 MARCH 1942

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Japanese aircraft carried out bombing raids on the Wyndham meatworks and Wyndham airfield in Western Australia on 3 March 1942.

A De Havilland DH-84 Dragon was attacked while landing at Wyndham airfield by a flight of Japanese Zeros during the first enemy air raid on the town on 3 March 1942. The crew and passengers abandoned the Dragon which trundled along the runway on fire. It stopped at the end of the runway where it burnt itself out. A group of nine "Betty" bombers then bombed the Wyndham airfield leaving a number of large mud holes in the runway.

One of the passengers on the Dragon was Snow Bradshaw, a RAAF Kana Operator who had been evacuated from the Darwin Intercept station following the major Japanese air raids on Darwin on 19 February 1942. Snow Bradshaw belonged to a special intelligence group attached to the RAAF involved in the interception of Japanese Naval and military traffic.


Note:- Another source indicated that this aircraft was a De Havilland Dragon Rapide. Can anyone please confirm the serial Number of the aircraft?



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"The Eavesdroppers - The best kept secret of World War 2"
by Jack Bleakley

"The Koolama Story"
by Bill Loane.


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