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RAAF Evans Head


Subject:     B-25 Incident WWII and saving RAAF Station Evans Head
Date:              Thu, 06 Jul 2000 21:10:42 PDT
From:            "Halden Boyd" <haldenboyd@hotmail.com>
To:                  Peter Dunn


Dear Sir,

I am after details of an incident which happened in Northern NSW involving five B-25 Mitchells which were being ferried from the US to Amberley. The became lost and thought Casino in northern NSW was Amberley. Two of the aircraft crashed at Lismore and Casino, two landed at Grafton, and one landed safely at RAAF Station Evans Head. I am trying to locate the Flight group that they were with and any history. The aim of all of this is to ask the flight to assist in saving former RAAF Station Evans Head being closed down by a greedy local council which wants to build housing on it for profit. The proposed desecration of the aerodrome is after the SAME council dedicated it a Memorial in 1993.

Any information also about other incidents involving Evans Head would also be appreciated because a new group of concerned public citizens have formed the Evans Head Aerodrome Committee, with the aim of saving the airfield. We are seeking Heritage Listing for the facility, and want to get as much support together as we can.

Please see our attached newsletter. (see below)

Halden Boyd



Subject:   Evans Head Request with Attachment FYI
Date:           Wed, 26 Jul 2000 01:11:11 GMT
From:          "Halden Boyd" <haldenboyd@hotmail.com>
To:              M38bgp@aol.com, N2clplanes@aol.com
CC:             evansheadair@hotmail.com

Dear Sirs,

I am the chairman of the Evans Head Aerodrome Committee. Evans Head was a RAAF Station during WWII, and is currently under threat of closure by the local council for housing.

The airfield which remains has been dedicated a Memorial and we are fighting to save it.

I am interested to find out information from you regarding a tragic flight of five B-25s being ferried from the US to Amberley in Australia attached to 38 Bomb Group which then became the 405 Squadron in 1942.

On that flight the aircraft became lost and two crashed near Lismore in northern NSW due to fuel starvation. The crew bailed out, but one without a parachute jumped before the plane hit the ground and was killed. Of the other three aircraft two landed safely at Grafton in NSW, and one at RAAF Station Evans Head. I have a photograph of the aircraft on the tarmac at Evans Head. The aircraft went on to Amberley, and then Breddan near Charters Towers.

In seeking information on this event, we are also asking if there are any 405 Squadron Associations that would like to support us in keeping this historic airfield open.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Attached is our latest Newsletter.

Kindest regards,
Halden BOYD - Chairman



  Evans Head Aerodrome Committee

"With a Commitment to Saving Our Aerodrome"


3 Heath Street, Evans Head ~ New South Wales, 2473 ~ Australia

Phone 0419-824111 Mobile ~ Home Phone 02-66824657 ~ Email evansheadair@hotmail.com

July 2000 Newsletter Update

Dear Members,

Welcome to our first Newsletter which is to keep you all up to date with what is happening about saving our Memorial Aerodrome from closure and desecration by Richmond Valley Council. The Evans Head Aerodrome Committee has now its own EMAIL address. If you have anything you would like to send us electronically, or if you would like to receive your newsletter through the Internet please email us at: evansheadair@hotmail.com


MEETING UPDATE Once again thanks to all who attended our public meeting. Over 70 people attended and the support from the RSL Sub Branch was very positive and appreciated. The Committee has ORGANISED ANOTHER PUBLIC MEETING and it will be held at the EVANS HEAD RSL CLUB on TUESDAY 1st AUGUST starting at 7PM. We have invited the Richmond Valley Council manager responsible for the Evans Head Draft Strategy, Stan Taylor, to come along and explain what the Strategy means specifically for the Aerodrome and its future. It will be a forum for YOU to field the questions. There will be copies of the Evans Head Future Strategy Draft available at this meeting for you to take home and study. Following this meeting you will be better informed and prepared to send YOUR submission to the Council. It is recommended that you go to the Council’s offices either in Evans Head or Casino and pick up a copy of the Draft Evans Head Strategy if you can’t come to this IMPORTANT MEETING, which will give you the opportunity to ASK WHY THE COUNCIL HAS INCLUDED AS AN OPTION IN THE DRAFT CLOSING THE AIRPORT DOWN FOR RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT. They are free of charge. The Committee will be holding a special meeting after this public meeting to plan its submission to the Draft.


We are now well down the track to Incorporation. Incorporation will allow us as a group to do good things like examine heritage funding and the like for specific projects such as a Museum. Historical recognition is also being studied, through the NSW Heritage Council and the RSL and the Air Force Association and other groups, organisations and authorities. We are looking at the prospects of the future restoration of the last remaining Bellman hangar at the Aerodrome. The Australian Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association is being asked to help us with finer details of Incorporation


The Committee is also looking into more serious matters regarding Richmond Valley Council’s poor handling and management of the Aerodrome. Various high-profile investigative and administrative authorities will be involved in this process, and they will be outlined in detail at our monthly Committee meetings. You are very welcome and encouraged to attend. The meetings are at Evans Head Aerodrome on the 4th Sunday of the month. The Executive meets at 10.30am and this will be followed immediately by the Ordinary meeting. There are refreshments and food available.


MEMBERSHIP: We now have over 50 paid up members which is fantastic! The membership fees are to help us with things like postage and Incorporation so that we can keep on getting our message out....to you and other interested people and groups, and the media. Membership fees if anyone is interested or keen to join are:

FULL MEMBERSHIP: $10 joining fee [one off establishment fee] and $10 per annum [full voting rights]

ORDINARY MEMBERSHIP: $10 [no voting rights]

FULL PENSIONER MEMBERSHIP: $5 per year [no establishment fee and full voting rights]

SUPPORTER MEMBERSHIP: $5 per year [no establishment fee and no voting rights]



Members if you have any queries or thoughts please feel free to contact us! Halden Boyd - Chairman




abt Mar 45 Evans Head RAAF Mosquito A52-514
10 Nov 44 Into sea 14 miles south of Evans Head RAAF Beaufighter A19-36 - collided with A19-194 above
10 Nov 44 Into sea 14 miles south of Evans Head RAAF Beaufighter A19-194 - collided with A19-36 below
22 May 44 One mile east of Knockrow Post Office, 10 miles north of Ballina RAAF Avro Anson A4-20, 4 killed
26 Oct 43 Evans Head RAAF Lancaster A66-1 (ED 930) "Q" for Queenie VI
6 Apr 43 In swamp 18 miles south of Evans Head RAAF Fairey Battle L5690



I'd like to thank Paul Judd  whose father George A Nicholls, # 54651, was a wireless telegraphist with No 14 Fighter Sector Headquarters RAAF.


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