ON 26 OCTOBER 1943


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"Q" for Queenie in the ditch at Evans Head, NSW


On 5th October 1943, Lancaster, A66-1 (ED 930), "Q" for Queenie VI took off on the 4th Liberty Loan Tour of Tasmania, Victoria and NSW began. The Tour came to an end on 26 October 1943, when pilot, Peter Isaacson, was coming in to land at Evans Head in northern New South Wales. A change in wind direction happened while Isaacson was in the landing circuit and Queenie came in down wind. The aircraft overshot the runway and Isaacson swung Queenie to miss a ditch and a fence without success. One wing struck the ground and both the port outer engine and the undercarriage were damaged. No one was seriously hurt but they were obviously very shaken by the incident. A nurse, who was a bystander, remembers sticking some plaster on Peter Isaacson to cover a scratch. 


"Q" for Queenie - The first Lancaster to fly to Australia


"Q" for Queenie flies under the Sydney Harbour Bridge on 22 October 1943


"Pathfinder - The Peter Isaacson Story"
"In the Air-On the Ground"
By Denis Warner


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