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The 84th Battalion left America on 31 May 1943 arriving in Brisbane on 19 June 1943.  Twenty officers and 569 men sailed for Milne Bay on 30 June 1943 arriving on 7 July 1943.

On 1 August 1943 a small detachment left Brisbane and moved to Darwin. It would appear that they ended up at Adelaide River at some stage based on some graffitti in some cement at that location.


Photo:- Doug Tilley 2010

"84 CB USNR" engraved in the cement at this camp at Adelaide River, NT


Photo:- Doug Tilley 2010

Foundations built by the 84th Seabees at Adelaide River on today's Mount Bundy Station


Photo:- Doug Tilley 2010

Foundations built by the 84th Seabees at Adelaide River. These foundations have
been cleaned up in 2010 by Doug Tilley who lives on Mount Bundy Station.

Company D sailed from Brisbane on 4 September 1943 and arrived at Milne Bay on 12 September 1943. From September 1943 to February 1944 the 84th Battalion had personnel based at Milne Bay, Brisbane and Darwin. 

The parts of the 84th Battalion Seabees that were based in Brisbane helped the 55th Battalion Seabees build a US Navy hospital (Mob 9) at Cannon Hill.

In February 1944 two officers and 127 men of Company "B" were sent to Thursday Island. On 24 March 1944 the main body of the Battalion left Milne Bay and arrived at Brisbane on 31 March 1944. On 22 April 1944 a detachment was sent to Sydney. Early in July 1944 Company "B" returned to Brisbane from Thursday Island. On 12 July 1944 a detachment moved from Brisbane to Townsville. On 16 August 1944 the 84th Battalion left Brisbane and picking up the detachment at Townsville arrived at Biak on 30 August 1944.


Camp Seabee at Eagle Farm in Brisbane


The Seabees in Australia


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