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The Americans occupied the Moorooka State School at Moorooka in Brisbane Queensland from 24 February 1942. The Moorooka State School was moved to Junction State School where it operated as a separate school. Class timetables were staggered to allow both schools to operate from the same premises. Students from the two schools were never at the school at the same time.


Moorooka State School with Camp Moorooka at the top right hand corner of the photo


The Americans made a number of alterations to the Moorooka State School. Many power points were installed everywhere. They removed the school hat pegs and the school gates and fences were rearranged. Bathrooms, toilets and several fibro-cement partitions and enclosures were built.


Moorooka State School 31 July 2004


Moorooka State School 31 July 2004


Moorooka State School 31 July 2004


The concrete wall at the base of the above building had holes
cut in it by the Americans for chimneys etc for the kitchen area


The concrete wall that the Americans cut holes into


When Mr Alfred James, the school's second Head Teacher visited the school while the Americans were there, he was referred to as the "Professor".

The Americans left after a few months and the students returned to the school on 13 July 1942. Much work was required to restore the school to its original condition.

The students at the school during WW2 will remember the slit trenches they dug, the daily air raid drill, the water bottles, the rubber pegs to grit between your teeth, the ear plugs, the identity discs and the noisy air raid sirens. There were soldiers everywhere. Nearby there were two large camps (see below) and the students could see the camouflaged roofs of the large Rocklea Munitions Factory on Compo Road (now Evans Road). They were camouflaged to look like roads and tennis courts.


Site B above was Camp Moorooka, a USASOS Staging Camp.

Site A above was the Rocklea Munitions Hostel used to house workers for the
Rocklea Munitions Factory which was located off Compo Road (now Evans Road).



"Moorooka State School Jubilee 1929 - 1979, a History of the District and the School"



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