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The Rocklea Munitions Hostel was initially built to house the many civilian personnel who worked at the Rocklea Munitions Factory. The Hostel was never used for that purpose as production at the Rocklea Munitions Factory had ceased by the time the camp had been finished.

It is believed that the Hostel was taken over for a short while by the Australian Army to be used as a Staging Camp. By the end of June 1945 the Hostel and a part of the Rocklea Munitions Factory were taken over by the British Royal Navy. The Hostel was used to house RME's. A new hospital and detention centre were also built for the Royal Navy at the Hostel site. The site then became known as the "Pommie Camp" by many of the local residents.

The Royal Navy had established HMS Nabsford (1 TAMY) and HMS Nabreekie (7 MONAB) at Archerfield airfield. The Royal Navy used part of the former Rocklea Munitions Factory for engine reconditioning and a training centre. They also used the Engine Test Stands at the end of Compo Road (now Evans Road), Salisbury.


Site A above was the Rocklea Munitions Hostel originally intended to house workers for the
Rocklea Munitions Factory which was located off Compo Road (now Evans Road).

Site B was Camp Moorooka, a USASOS Staging Camp.



Close-up of the Rocklea Munitions Hostel


The Commonwealth Marine Engine Works can be seen on the corner of Evans Road (then called Compo Road) and Beaudesert Road at Rocklea at the bottom right on the above photograph. This site is now occupied by Alstom Australia.



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