The 101st Australian Anti-tank regiment arrived from Brisbane by train at Partington Siding, 16kms south of Townsville on 4 May 1942 after a long train journey from Brisbane. The main party of the following units travelled to Townsville at the same time:-

- HQ 5th Australian Division

- 29th Infantry Brigade

- 11th Infantry Brigade

- 15th Australian Infantry Battalion

- 5th Field Regiment

Regimental Headquarters and No. 1 Battery of the 101st Anti-tank Regiment set up camp at Cluden Racecourse, just south of TTownsville on 8 May 1942.

No. 4 Battery of the 101st Anti-tank Regiment moved to Rollingstone north of Townsville on 15 May 1942.

The four batteries of the 101st Anti-tank Regiment carried out range practice in the Many Peaks area just north of Townsville on 30 May 1942.  This was the first anti-tank practice carried out in the Townsville area.

The Centenary book (1887 - 1987) for the Belgian Gardens State School stated:-

In February of 1942, units of 101 Anti-tank Battery camped in the school grounds. The Battery was commanded by Captain Jim Bourke. The unit remained at the school for two months before moving to Cutheringa Park in West End.

Was this referring to the 101st Ant-tank Regiment? It was probably their Headquarters group.

On 1 October 1942, "D" Troop, No. 2 Battery of the 101st Anti-Tank Regiment left Walsh River about 20 miles north of Chillagoe with the 31st Australian Infantry Battalion in a vehicular convoy that apparently stretched  for 32 kms. They headed for the tip of Cape York to protect our northern coastline and the new airfield at Jack Jacky (Higgins airfield) near Bamaga. The contingent of 2,000 men arrived at their destination on 13 October 1942. 



"Belgian Gardens State School Centenary 1887 - 1987"

"Diary of WW2 - North Queensland"
compiled by Peter Nielsen


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