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From Left to Right:- Sgt. J. McKenzie R.A.F., F/Sgt W. Halstead (since reported Killed in Action), Sgt. H. Gorell R.A.F., F/Sgt A.G. Elwing of Rockhampton, Sgt R.A. Moynagh of Adelaide, and Jan Goulevitch of 460 Squadron RAAF.

Some of John's regular crew members were Bert Gorell, Flight Sergeant Bill K. Halstead, Sgt. Reg A. Moynagh, and Sgt. J. McKenzie.

Bill Halstead, Reg Moynagh (Rear Gunner) and J. McKenzie (Engineer, known as Mad Mac) were all killed on 16 December 1943 on returning from a bombing raid over Berlin with Flying Officer Francis Randall's aircraft. They lost the drome in bad fog and crashed near Binbrook. They are all buried at Cambridge Cemetery, UK. Bill Halstead was John's regular navigator. Bill Halstead's father was the manager of the State Government Insurance Office in Townsville.

Of his regular crew in 460 Squadron, the following are the only three survivors of the War:-

Ted Anderson - Mid upper gunner, lived in Melbourne - passed away 26 October 2007
Bert Gorell - Wireless Operator, now living in England
Archie Elwing - Bomb Aimer, died in mid 1988.

John Goulevitch, Bert Gorell and Ted Anderson had their own reunion in Brisbane in late 1987. Bert's son Paul lived at Whiteside in Brisbane and John's daughter Kay Dunn lived at Runcorn in Brisbane. Bert named his son Paul Jan Gorell after his skipper, Jan Goulevitch. John only found this out at the reunion in 1987.

Bert Gorell, in July 1993, was still living at 31 Oakdale Rd., Wrose, Bradford, BD18 1PE, UK wife his wife Betty and son John. His other son lives north of Brisbane.

The following letter from Bert Gorell's parents' was found amongst John Goulevitch's papers after his death. John had kept the original letter since 1949:-

52 Fair Bank
Crag? Rd.,
July 8, 1949

Dear Jan & Family,

Well here it is at last! Sorry not to let you have one before this date, but believe me we had not forgotten you, we had to wait or months for the photographer, getting them ready only to find that he had'nt printed all that were required. I had put the names of the people on the photograph in the order that they are standing. Well at present we are having some very lovely Australian weather, no rain for about three weeks. During Easter holidays Hubert took Betty to visit Binbrook & some of his friends at Grimsby.

She is a lovely girl, & a real good sport, you ought to see us on Sunday afternoons (weather permitting). Hubert & Betty, his Uncle, Auntie & Cousin Malcolm, Betty's mother & Father, my wife & myself, on the moors playing cricket or Football, now we are all interested in model plane flying.

Their yearly holiday is in about two weeks, so they are going by train to Edinburgh in Scotland, and then are going to spend four or five days walking across Scotland and making a detour aiming to reach Edinburgh again after about eight to ten days walking, you ought to see their hiking boots, my poor old legs could'nt lift them, but they both enjoy it.

So now dear friends I will leave you for the time being and Thank you Jan for bringing him safely home every time. Don't tell him what I say but many many times he told us, no other pilot could have brought us safely back like Jan did. So now you know why we think so much of you.

So Goodnight & God Bless you all
From your Yorkshire Friends

Mr. & Mrs. A. Gorell

Huberts new address


John visited Bert and Betty Gorell in 1993. He stayed with them from 3 July to the 24 July 1993 after a three day visit to Warsaw, Poland to visit his cousin Zofia Grela and her husband Marian. He also caught up with one or two of the Polish pilots that he had trained during the war.

The following is a letter from John's Wireless Operator just before John Goulevitch died:-

W. Yks.


Dear Jan/John,

At last we have your address so we can wish you seasons greetings.

The locals at the Wrose Bull/Bold Brivateer and the priest at St. Antony's wish you well and the father of the pretty bride (who you nearly got off with) also!

Sorry you are not well. But understand you are with veterans.

You will have wonderful adventure stories to swap with them to list a few. Coming back from Cologne without part of wing and engine, how we crossed a fighter box without getting caught. How did Ron Scarr get a rope to help pull on the stick with Archie?

With a "Darkie" call at Hawkinge telling you to wait for a landing - you saying "No way!" and using his airfield to bounce into Kent fields.

One other - crossing the French west coast with horizontal search lights. You waiting! To go under just about in the sea. Reggie in rear saying he was amongst the chimneys.

Fighter attack at Pennemunde. We should have bought it there - if you had not dipped.

Could go on forever.

Merry X'Mas and New Year - I will toast you at our small family party.

I cannot write to Ted yet. Since his wife passed away, I will wait to see if his address is the same.

Bill - Reg - Mac stalled into wood, lost in fog, 17th of this month 1943. What a sad X'Mas for their folks.

You would have had us all hitting the silk in those circumstances.

Thinking of them and you.

God Bless
Bert and Betty Gorell


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