Parents: Unknown
Born: abt. 1814 in Ireland (possibly Buncrana)
Died: abt 1856 - 61 In Glasgow perhaps?
Occupation: Colliery Manager
Married: abt 1840, in Govan, Rutherglen, Scotland

Descendants of: Edward (O'Doherty) Docherty
1 Edward (O'Doherty) Docherty, b. abt 1814, d. 1856-61
  m. abt 1840 Ann Johnstone, b. abt 1816, d. aft 10 Oct 1873
   2 Ann Docherty, b. abt 1841
   2 Archbishop? Docherty
   2 Nun? 'Docherty
   2 John ? 'Docherty
   2 Mary Docherty, b. abt 1848
   2 Edward (Ned) Docherty, b. abt 1850
   2 Bernard  (Barnie) (Dougherty) O'Doherty, b. 10 Jun 1854, d. 4 May 1916
      m. 10 Oct 1873 Ann (McDermott) McDermitt, b. 10 Jun 1855, d. 19 Sep 1885      
      m. 7 Jun 1886 Catherine Caplice, b. abt  7 Feb 1862, d. 20 Jun 1930
   2 Margaret Docherty, b. 18 Aug 1856

He was shown as Edward DOUGHERTY on son Bernard O'Doherty's Marriage Certificate in 1873. Edward Docherty was living at 53 Main St., Rutherglen when his daughter Margaret was born on 18 Aug 1856. He was shown as a Coal Miner on her Birth Certificate.

Edward's daugher Margaret's birth entry of 18 Aug 1856 at Rutherglen in the 1993 IGI shows her father as Edward DOCHERTY and her mother as Ann Johnstone.

Alice Donaghue (nee O'Doherty) told me that her father Tom O'Doherty had told her that his grandfather (i.e. Edward Docherty) used to work on the wharves in Glasgow. Edward's son Bernard's Marriage Certificate in 1873 shows that Edward Dougherty was a deceased Colliery Manager and his wife was Ann Johnstone. Could it be that he died in a Colliery accident at or near Rutherglen? After he died somewhere between 1856 and 1861, perhaps his wife and children moved from Rutherglen to Govan to find work. Perhaps they had lived in miner's house and had to leave when Edward died?

Main Street, Rutherglen
Enumeration District: 10, page 16, No. 56

From the property of the Rev'd P. Brown up the Main Street and ending on the eastside of David Dun's property including that property, and thence in a line due South to the Back Road and down the Back Road to a point in a line with P. Brown's property and North along that line to the Main Street. Length 140 yards, Breadth 140 yards.

Edward Head M 37 yrs Coal Underground Worker Ireland
Ann Wife M 35 yrs Labourer's wife Ireland
Ann Dau. 10 yrs Coal Bleachfield Worker Gorbals, Lanark
Mary Dau. 3 yrs Gorbals, Lanark
Edward Son 11 mths Rutherglen, Lanark

There were a number of other Docherty's living in Main Street, Rutherglen in the 1851 Census.

Edward is not shown on the 1861 Census. In fact his wife Ann is shown as a Widow which means that Edward died somewhere between 1856 and 1861. Ann does not appear on the 1881 Census. Did she die or perhaps emigrate to Australia?   Did she remarry?

43 King St.,

DOCHERTY Ann Head Widow 48 yrs Washerwoman Ireland
Mary Dau. 14 yrs Cotton Mill Glasgow, LNK
Edward Son 11 yrs Coal Miner Rutherglen, LNK
Margaret Dau. 5 yrs Rutherglen, LNK
GRAHAM Thomas Boarder 30 yrs Coal Miner Ireland
Betty? Boarder 34 yrs Coal Miner Wife Ireland
Margret * Dau 15 yrs Steam Loom Weaver Lanarkshire, Glasgow
Roger Son 12 yrs Coal Miner Lanarkshire, Glasgow
Patrick Son 9 yrs Scholar Lanarkshire, Glasgow

This means that Edward Docherty died between 1856 and 1861.

* I received a message from a Dean Pascoe from Oracle PC-Network BBS (08-2340791) in Adelaide on 27 Sep 1994 saying that the above Margret Graham was one of his. Later on he said that now he's not sure!!

Possible entries for Death of Edward Docherty in Scottish Death Indexes.

1855 DOCHERTY Edward Hutchesontown 486
1856          "              " Bridgeton (Glas) 52
1857          "              " High Ch. (Glas) 99
1857          "              " Maryhill(Barony) 40
1857          "              " Central Dist. 918
1857          "              " Port Glasgow 166
1857 DOUGHERTY Edward Clyde 79
1859 DOCHERTY      " Port Glasgow 10
1860          "              " Clyde (Glas) 663
1861          "              " High Church 506
1861          "              " Bothwell 155


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