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Photo taken by: Pte. R.I. Slater (tail gunner)

Crew of "Dixie" after a bombing raid
on Rabaul Harbour on 6 April 1942

Left to right:- Pfc. James F. Shemberger (turret gunner), Pfc. L.G. Robinson (radio operator), Pte. L.R. Ware (bombardier), 2nd Lt. J. Zeamer Jnr (co-pilot), 2nd Lt. Robert R. Hatch (pilot), and 2nd Lt. C.W. Casteel (navigator)

B-26 Marauder "Dixie" #01496, flew 12 missions with 19th Bomb Squadron of the 22nd Bomb Group against the Japanese at Rabaul, Lae and Salamua before it was lost on its 13th mission.

"Dixie"  was one of eleven B-26 Marauder's of the 22nd Bomb Group that departed Townsville on 8 June 1942 and raided Lae on 9 June 1942. This mission was called "TOW 9" in the official records. Lieutenant Commander Lyndon Baines Johnson, United States Naval Reserve, the future 36th President of the United States, went on this raid as an observer.

The crew of "Dixie for this raid was as follows:-

#1496 "Dixie"

2nd Lt. Hatch? R.R. * 1/2
2nd Lt. Soffern C.A.
1st Lt. Wright N. A.
2nd Lt. Barnhill G.D. * 1/2
Corp. Slater R.I.
Corp. Robinson *
Corp. Shemberger J.F.
Gen. Marquat W.F.
* Destroyed one enemy A/C


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There is a significant amount of information on "Dixie" and James Shemberger in Rod Cardell's book "Wings around Us"

James Shemberger held his pilot, Robert Hatch, with such high regard that he named his eldest daughter, Roberta, after him.


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E-mails from Beverley Shemberger Prine
daughter of James F. Shemberger


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