Petrol was rationed in Australia during WW2 and most people were not able to obtain petrol. Many people put their cars went up on blocks in the garage. In some case vehicle owners donated their batteries and tyres to the army.

Some vehicle owners installed Gas Producers on the backs of their vehicles. Gas Producers used a fuel made out of wood ash which was produced by burning large chunks of wood until it became large pieces of what looked like black coal. The engine power delivered by a Gas Producer was un-astounding to say the least and they were never very popular. Some vehicle owners also used power kerosene to run their engines.


Photo:- Daniel Hultgren

A one gallon Motor Spirit Ration Ticket


Photo:- Daniel Hultgren

A two gallon Motor Spirit Ration Ticket


Marlene Magee told me that her father was an employee of the Shell fuel company before the war. Marlene said that when was was declared Australia's fuel assets were nationalised and her father was made a Sergeant in the Australian Army.


"We Did" 77th Seabees

A Gas Producer can be seen installed on the rear of this vehicle at
Liberty Corner near Camp Seabee at Eagle Farm in Brisbane.


Photo:- Monica Lynch

Steps leading down to a public toilet in Melbourne. Note the Gas Producer on the vehicle beside the toilet. Monica Lynch
an American Red Cross Worker at the American Red Cross Service Club labelled this as a photo of a "Public Johnnie".
The large building in the background is the Hotel Windsor at 111 Spring Street, Melbourne which was built in 1883.



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"We Did" 77th Seabees


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