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I believe that the 101 Convalescent Depot, was located at Loreto College at Cavendish Road, Coorparoo in Brisbane. In About May 1943 there were about 300 inmates at the hospital and there were about 1,100 to 1,200 soldiers passing through Convalescent Depot each month. The former Loreto Convent building used as the Headquarters building of the 101st Australian Convalescent Depot.


101 Convalescent Depot, Loreto College, Cavendish Road, Coorparoo


The men at the Convalescent Depot were camped further out, away from the nurses. The 10th Camp Hospital was also attached to this Convalescent Depot, and was located about four hundred yards away in the Xavier Special School. 


Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) left behind at Coorparoo when part of the 101st
Convalescent Depot was moved to Burleigh Heads in 1942. 

Left to right: Evelyn (Andy) Anderson, Sheila Sharry, Hazel Weeks,
Peg Carlin, Kitty King, Betty Gray, Joan Davies and Ruth Johnston.


Voluntary Aid Detachment members of the 101st Convalescent Depot
at Coorparoo standing in front of their tent .
Left to right: Peg Carlin,
Mary Riordon, Kitty King and Jean Fraser.


Brigadier H. Wrigley, the Commander of 1 Base Sub Area inspecting
No. 1 Company, 101 Convalescent Depot at Grovely, Brisbane, 5 April 1945


I'd like to thank Ray Denning (now deceased), former President of the Mt. Gravatt District Historical Association for his assistance with this home page.



The following files are available in the National Archives:-

Title 101 Convalescent Depot - Coorparoo Q'ld
Series number MP742/1 
Control symbol 259/2/660 
Contents date range 1942 - 1944
Access status Not yet examined
Location Melbourne 
Barcode no 6016939

Title101 Convalescent Depot [Whole diary - 15 items] (Jun 1942 - Dec 1944; Apr 1945 - Mar 1946)
Series number AWM52 
Control symbol11/4/5 
Contents date range1942 - 1946
Access status Open 
Location Australian War Memorial 
Barcode no 503658

Title 101 Convalescent Depot - Coorparoo Q'ld
Series number MP742/1
Control symbol 259/2/660
Contents date range 1942 - 1944
Access status Not yet examined 
Location Melbourne 
Barcode no 6016939


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