Flight Sergeant Jack Barber was a Flight Engineer in 460 Squadron RAAF based at Binbrook airfield during WW2. Jack survived a full tour of duty, ie 30 Operations.


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Photo:- Jack Barber

460 Squadron in about 1944
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Jack Barber told his son Andrew, that he was the only "Brit" in the crew and his Yorkshire accent was something the rest of the Australian crew had to contend with!

Jack Barber passed away in November 2004 after suffering Alzheimer's Disease for 2 years. His time with 460 Squadron had meant a lot to him and he was very proud to have served with the Squadron. He still had his log book and was able to recall many of the missions and events before the disease took hold. He told his son Andrew that once whilst over Germany, he saw a V1 rocket that had just been launched!

The crew that Jack Barber was a member of was as follows:-

Bill Robinson, Pilot
Jack Barber, Flight Engineer
Ray Mulroney, Navigator
Vic Hart, Wireless Operator
Lloyd Cronk, Rear Gunner
Frank Knott, Mid Upper Gunner
K.G. Baker, Bomb Aimer

Second pilots flew with the crew as follows:-

G. Paull on 21 Nov 1944
B. Heffer on 6 Dec 1944

30 Ops counted
1 op Abandoned before H Hr.

Bombs dropped on target:-

H.E. 225,000 lbs. = 104.4 Tons
Incendiary 108,000 lbs. 48.2 Tons

Lancs. lost on targets bombed = 73


The following photos from the late Jack Barber were
passed on to me by his son Andrew Barber

jackbarber01.jpg (31464 bytes) 460 Squadron Nose Art "Pluto"
jackbarber02.jpg (26132 bytes) Daylight on the URFT Dam
jackbarber03.jpg (24893 bytes) Frank Knott
jackbarber04.jpg (31597 bytes) Bill Robinson at the controls
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jackbarber14.jpg (39133 bytes) "G" for George
jackbarber15.jpg (30972 bytes) "G" for George
jackbarber16.jpg (56016 bytes) Jack Barber
jackbarber17.jpg (61613 bytes) High Spirits



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