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We are a precise publications enterprise which specialises in the Aviation War in the Pacific. President of Aerothentic Publications is Michael John Claringbould, who spent his childhood in the Pacific, and recently returned from a three-year posting to Fiji, the Solomon Islands and (the former) New Hebrides. To date Michael has published exclusively on Fifth Air Force matters, and has amassed huge data bases on this forgotten but fascinating air force.

In 1984 Michael was instrumental in the salvage and recovery of a Douglas A-20G bomber from New Guinea, now the subject of one his books on this webpage.

Michael continues to identify aircraft wrecks all over the Pacific, including Japanese ones, and in 1997 made two important discoveries on Guadalcanal – the site of Pug Southerland’s F4F-4 Bu 5192, the first US aircraft shot down in the Guadalcanal campaign, and the site of 355, a missing G4M1 of the 705th Kokutai.

For the past twenty years Michael has been amassing photos and data on the aerial Pacific campaigns, and is now writing and publishing full-time. He has three published works (Black Sunday, The Forgotten Fifth, and ‘Helluva Pelican’), and is planning five more in the next three years:




Michael Claringbould