A Mr. D.T. Walder of 10 Buttermere Close, Lakeside Park, Skellingthorpe Road, Lincoln LN6 OYD, England provided me with the following history of the Walder family that he is descended from :-

1. The main family seat was situated in the village of Bolney which is close to Haywards Heath. Records in the Bolney Church go back to the 13th century and the old part of the cemetery is about one quarter full of Walders.

2. Mr. D.T. Walder's father was born in 1881.

3. The eldest son was generally named George and other boys names down through the centuries were William, Warden, Richard, and Thomas.

4. The family spread to Haywards Heath proper, Burgess Hill and Tonbridge Wells on the Kent Sussex border. Generally though, apart from worldly travels and the two Wars (1914/1918 and 1939/1945) the Walders remained in Sussex.

5. The family has been traced back to the eleventh Century when two brothers landed near Selsey (Chichester Harbour) in Sussex. They came from what is now known as Germany and of course Walder is a German name meaning Forest or Forester.

NOTE:- At this stage I am not sure whether my James Walder is connected with this line of Walders.

WALDER John        Icklesham 048
WALDER Samuel      Bolney    009
WALDER Thomas      Arundell  003



I received the following E-Mail from a Michael Shergold on 10 August 1997:-

From: "Michael Shergold" <michael.shergold@clara.net>
Subject: Re: Info On Hickey In Europe/Ireland

Hi Peter!

I just took a look in the local phone book looking for 'Walders' in Selsey. I can't seem to spot any actually in the village/town her but there seem to be a few around the Chichester/Portsmouth area. There is also a small hamlet/village called Walderton which I guess might have links with the original settlers. It would be interesting to find out.

I am not sure how you came to find my note. I guess I responded to the Hickey note as I have very tenuous connections with a Hickey family in Ireland.

My home page contains more details of my own genealogy and also some photographs of Selsey.

If you need more information about this local area concerning the WALDER name please feel free to ask more. It must be quite satisfying to have some history back to the 11 cty. Most of us have trouble getting back through the 19th..!!!

I took a look at your homepage but didn't look beyond the Sussex page.

Most of the places are fairly familiar to me, Bolney, Colgate, Faygate & Horsham etc. I didn't spot any mention of Walderton which is at the extreme western end of Sussex near the border with Hampshire just north of Chichester Harbour.

Lots of luck with your research,
take care

Michael Shergold, Selsey, West Sussex, England


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