ON 16 JANUARY 1945


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RAAF P-40E Kittyhawk A29-71 (#41-5632), was involved in a simulated attack on a Beaufort on 16 January 1945. During a rear attack on the Beaufort, the Kittyhawk did a half roll after the attack and dived into the ground 8 miles from Sale. Other sources indicate that this aircraft crashed into Lake Reeve near Seaspray in Victoria. The pilot, F/O W.R. Binning, of No. 1 Operational Training Unit (1 OTU) was killed in this tragic accident.

This Kittyhawk was originally delivered to the RAAF in March 1942.

Earlier in its career, this Kittyhawk had been involved in a collision with another Kittyhawk, A29-85,  flown by Squadron Leader "Bluey" Truscott on 19 July 1942 near Townsville.


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Kittyhawk A29-71 in 1992 (Photo from Rick Hanning)


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Kittyhawk A29-71 in 1992 (Photo from Rick Hanning)


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Kittyhawk A29-71 in 1992 (Photo from Rick Hanning)


Death of Squadron Leader "Bluey" Truscott



Subject:    mick grinter
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I promised some information on the Lake Reeves Kittyhawk A29-71.  Sorry I took so long just bought the scanner.The report is some 30 pages. I was a bit disapointed that there was no status card in with it.

It would have shown the repairs after a tangle with Bluey Truscot. I know there was a repair behind the pilots head near the clear views. We have some skins of this aircraft. About 2ft x 4ft with a piece of perspex about 1" x 2" sticking through it.

Let me know how the scans turn out, its new to me.


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